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    32 weeks & looking for some exotic suggestions!

    I'm looking for more suggestions (I KNOW!). I'm about 32 weeks along with this little lady & although we have a few names we like, nothing is feeling "right" when I use them to refer to the bump.

    We like exotic names, and my husband has a thing for mythology/fantasy names where I LOVE nature names.

    We love the name Athena but we think it's too similar to our daughter's name. Our top contender is Indira, which we think is gorgeous - my only concern with it is that its an Indian name & we live in a city with a HUGE Indian population (think upwards of 40%). If she was born today we would name her Indira, but I'd love some more options/suggestions.
    We have settled on the middle name - it will be Sage.

    Our first daughter came weeks before her due date so if she follows in her sister's footsteps I'm expecting this baby to be born by Christmas. If I felt 100% secure about our name choice it would reduce my stress level dramatically.

    I'm really hoping to get some suggestions from all you wonderful name nerds!
    New username is @ truenature

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