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    Azula Rosemary and:
    Zelie Sage
    Eilin Sage
    Cosima sage
    Tali Sage
    Pania Sage

    Arg I'm sure I have more but I think it's bed time for me... Brain no longer functioning!

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    bluejuniper - Thanks for the cool suggestions! Irissa & Eluna I could get on board with. Elysia & Caprica have me on the fence. Is Caprica too Battlestar Galactica? Elysia seems to have a couple of awesome associations & a couple not-so-great ones (a classic nudist film, a genus of slugs, a deathcore band & a gas giant in Metroid Prime 3) so maybe it's not super usable. It is so pretty though.
    Anyway Irissa & Eluna are lovely.

    tuitree - Zelie is so cute!
    New username is @ truenature

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