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    gwensmom - Thanks! We love it too. I love Juno but my husband hates it, and as much as I like Lorelei I can't get away from the Gilmore Girls association.

    bnichols - I do actually like Eowyn, in high school I was a real LOTR junkie. I would prefer Elowen now though... And I love Willow but Corey (my husband) isn't keen on it.

    sorceress - Callisto/Callista is gorgeous! And Circe is fabulous but too strongly associated for me with Game of Thrones at the moment (that series is bonkers).
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    I really like Indira! And Eliwen! My other suggestion would be Karenza (Karensa), NN Wren. I love this name & have never met a single person with it in real life. It was a serious contender for one of my daughter's names, and I sort of regret not using it....I think it is perfection with Azula! Good luck!

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    We really like Indira too! I'm just worried that it loses some of its shine when you think how our area is SO heavily populated by the Indo-Canadian community. She will probably go to school with a dozen kids named Inder.
    Thanks for the Karenza suggestion, that is very interesting! I have mixed feelings about using Karen because there is a Karen in our family already.
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    I love Indira! I don't think that it being a Hindi name is problematic or strange. I have a colleague who is white, but his name is Am@r Ch@ran ____(normal Caucasian surname)___. Interestingly, his older brothers all have standard names like John. His parents lived in India, and just loved Hindi names... What about...
    Mahasti Sage
    Anahi Sage
    Pari Sage
    Parisa Sage
    Soraya Sage
    Keziah Sage
    Aysa (Isa) Sage
    Ayda Sage (Ida)
    Azarin Sage
    Rania Sage
    Havva Sage
    Janan Sage
    Kimia Sage
    Laleh Sage (like from Laleh and Majnoon)
    Maha Sage
    Mahla Sage
    Eleni Sage
    Eliora Sage
    Etana Sage
    Kelila Sage
    Kalyani Sage
    Karishma Sage
    Kareena Sage
    Jordana Sage
    Mahala Sage
    Mehira Sage
    Noa Sage
    Odelia Sage
    Tamar Sage
    Tova Sage
    Jaya Sage
    Kalindi Sage
    Kalinda Sage
    Mina Sage
    Mela Sage
    Savita Sage
    Suria Sage
    Tula Sage
    Suri Sage
    Cantara Sage
    Emani Sage
    Imani Sage
    Hala Sage
    Tahira Sage
    Zahira Sage
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