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    What did you do when you and your hubby couldn't agree?

    When I was pregnant with our daughter, I was pushing Nora because it had been my favorite name for several years. Originally, he said he wasn't thrilled with it so we began searching for other names. We agreed on a few - our taste in general wasn't too far off (Keira, Claire, Alice, Gwyneth, Carys were all on our list) - but I couldn't let go of Nora. Thankfully, one day he told me that he actually really loved Nora but his best friend's recent ex-girlfriend was named Nora (they had been together for several years) and he felt weird about it. He then realized that he was being silly and embraced the name.

    Unfortunately, all my favorite boy names are total rejects. About 5 years ago, we agreed on Declan. I still like it a lot, but the recent "trendy" negative connotations have unfortunately gotten to me and I'm not so in love with it anymore. He still is. See, with Nora, he never had any strange comments to say about it or immediate rejection. With my boy favorites? Finn - like a fish (He's got a point but I still love it.), Miles - African American name (NO IDEA where this came from??), Milo - pet name, Ewan - poor man's Owen, John - boring, Dean - ew, Reed - too weird, Dexter - serial killer (stupid show!).... We both used to like Jude, but now I'm turned off by it because I know 2 people who named their sons this - one of which I am not a big fan.

    I have scoured boy names for YEARS and quite frankly, I don't find them as romantic or interesting as girl names. I want something strong and masculine, familiar yet not boring or too popular (with the exception of my odd love for John). I feel like I've seen every name in that category over and over again and these are the few boy names that I actually really like that I could see myself using for a future son. And he has rejected them all! I'm really not sure I'm going to be able to sway him like I was with Nora since he was so outspoken with his reactions to these names.

    So, what did you do when you and your hubby couldn't agree on a name? Did you have to end up going with something you weren't over-the-moon about just for the sake of compromise?
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    Urg, I understand what you mean but in a different sense as we don't have children yet. However we do like to talk about names because this time in our life is so exciting. He probably likes 2/10 of my names and the others he makes comments like you hear from your husband or he laughs. I want us to both love the name we chose but I feel like it's going to be quite the search for "the one". It'll be worth it of course. Maybe your husband should make his own list and put a lot of thought, into it unlike my husband You never know you might fall in love with one of them and it'll be it. Good luck!

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    We're both a bit picky so it hasn't been easy. We won't use any names that are either of our absolute favorites because the other person doesn't like them much. The compromise is that I get more of I want for a girls name (particularly using the unusual middle that I like--he does really like our girls first though, as do I) and he will get more of what he wants for the boys name (which has family significance on his side, and it is not the name in my signature, in fact I don't mention it much on NB because I don't think it's a particularly brilliant name, generally speaking). All of the names we would actually use have nice meanings/reasoning behind them and would fit well in our particular family...especially because they reflect our various ancestries.

    (if we have two boys, I get more input on the second, if we have two girls, he gets more input on the second)
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