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    Quote Originally Posted by nephele View Post
    (Love him and Benedict Cumberbatch in the television series Sherlock, too!)
    Firstly, yes. This statement is most correct.

    Secondly, the addition of the girl for the sole purpose of creating a love story between her* and Legolas** just made me angry :/

    Thirdly, Tauriel makes me think of bulls. Even though I'm guessing it's pronounced 'TOW' rather than 'TOR'. Like Smaug.

    *feel like I read that somewhere, may have rage quit the page before accuracy could be verified
    ** who wasn't even in the Hobbit anyway "-_-

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    Ren; I agree with you. But I remember a lot of us hardcore Tolkien fans being pissed about the whole Arwen thing in LOTR and it worked. The pale orc (or mr disgusting as he's known as in my house) in The Hobbit part one worked as well.

    I trust Peter Jackson. And Tolkien kind of sucked at including female characters, so the feminist in me is excited to see a badass woodland elf!

    Nephele; daughter of the forest! I thought that was what it meant. Lovely.

    Fey; thank you!!!
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    Oh, hmm, I read that the love story was between Tauriel and a dwarf, not sure which. I'd rather no love story at all, personally, but will reserve judgement until after I've seen it. And then I'll judge and rant to my heart's content. I think it could work, adding a female character I mean. I don't think every story has to have a male and female character, but it would be nice to have some estrogen in the film. We'll see how it's done. Peter Jackson seems to have massive respect and love for the world, so I'm trusting he'll do it right. I remember when the original trilogy was coming out, and there was some talk of a battle scene with Arwen so they could have a "strong" female character. Never mind that Eowyn is already a shield-maiden, or that strength means more than fighting in some battle, but in the end he took the scene out.
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    I've deliberately avoided reading anything about the next Hobbit movie. I want to be surprised.

    But this weekend I'm attending a Dr Who convention where Sylvester McCoy will be one of the honored guests. Y'all may remember his role as the wizard Radagast in the Hobbit movie. He's also supposed to be in the next Hobbit movie, and I just know I'm going to be tempted to talk with him about it when I see him this weekend.

    -- Nephele

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephele View Post
    Tauriel -- what a lovely name! And it's true to Tolkien's books, as this is a genuine Quenya Elvish name!

    In Quenya, Tauriel means "daughter of the forest." The name combines the Quenya word taurë ("forest") with the Quenya suffix –iel ("daughter of").

    -- Nephele
    Can't wait for the next Hobbit film, because I'm crushing on Martin Freeman. (Love him and Benedict Cumberbatch in the television series Sherlock, too!)
    @Nephele - I've been crushing on Richard "Thorin" Armitage since he played John Thornton in the TV series "North and South". Martin Freeman is hysterical and surprisingly, I've seen Benedict Cumberbatch on a couple of talk shows and he's quite funny too!
    All the best,

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