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    I've split them into names I think would make decent names and those that I dislike/don't think would work well:


    Adair - I quite like, but it seems very masculine to me, perhaps because of the visable similarity to Alasdair.
    Artemis - NMS but ok.
    Coco - It's what I drink before bed :/ It's not horrendous though.
    Freya - All right
    Guinevere - It's really grown on me recently. I'd quite like to meet a little Guin
    Noor - I don't like the sound but it's an ok name.
    Priya - Ditto above.
    Electra - I dislike it. But it could work.
    Wallis - Simpson woman is my primary association. But there's
    Yael - I was going to leave this in the other category, however I think it'd be nice as a MN.


    Aberdeen - Well at least it's not Glasgow But I really can't see this as a given name. It's too tied to the place and doesn't lend itself easily to the world of baby names. I mean, India and Vienna sound like names but Aberdeen is just... Aberdeen.
    Atalanta - Always sounds to me like someone mispronouncing Atlanta.
    Bellamy - Honestly, my first thought was 'bellend'.
    Flannery - Sounds like it should be an adjective. Flan, flattery, flannel, fanny... I see too many words in it as well.
    Gelsey - Would get confused with Kelsey/Chelsea. The 'Gel' sound isn't pretty to my ears.
    Holiday - Oh, not word names. Just Holly is fine!
    Jamaica - Same as Aberdeen. Too much of a place.
    Jezebel - Her reputation will precede her.
    Spencer - Boy name (...over here. Perhaps different in Oz, à la Darcy?)
    Unity - The 'nit' bit is irritating me.
    Waverly - Never heard of it before NB and I've disliked it intensely since I found it.
    Yardley - Just doesn't sound at all attractive or name-like.

    If I'm being brutally honest, I'd say that only Freya and Guinevere give off the same vibe as the names in your signature. And to make up for being harsh, I'll say that I adore almost every name in your sig already and they all work magnificently together

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    Aberdeen has family meaning for us, not the Aberdeen in Scotland, and we were just discussing using this as a middle name.

    I can see the attraction of Holiday, even though personally it would not be a name that I would use.

    I like Spencer, for a boy.

    Waverly is close to my late grandma's maiden name and is a name that goes off and on my list.

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    Aberdeen - not pretty

    Adair - meh

    Artemis - awesome

    Atalanta - lovely and powerful, wouldn't use it in the U.S., though, haha

    Bellamy - meh

    Coco - maybe bit too cutesy

    Electra - awesome

    Flannery - too much like flannel

    Freya - awesome (can you tell I adore mythological names?)

    Gelsey - what?

    Guinevere - awesome

    Holiday - hmm...maybe is she is born on one?

    Jamaica - not a good place name

    Jezebel - the association doesn;t bother me I just don't really like the name

    Noor - meh

    Priya - like

    Spencer - nope

    Unity - nice virtue name, love the "u"

    Wallis - no

    Waverly - no

    Yael - lovely

    Yardley - no
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    Aberdeen- a little masculine for my tastes
    Adair- when I was little (I've always been a name nerd), I liked this name for a boy. I still like it, but I'm not sure how I feel about it for a girl.
    Artemis- lovely. I had a classmate in HS with the name. I'm unsold on how this plays in real life (she wasn't exactly popular by any stretch of the imagination).
    Atalanta- not a fan.
    Bellamy- wasn't a fan until I started watching Scandal and realized Bellamy Young is a rockstar and also super smart (she studied at both Yale and Oxford). I might have a girl crush on her now, in addition to Kerry Washington.
    Coco- think it's super cute. Lovely namesake (Coco Chanel). My cousin's daughter is named Michaela but goes by Coco (because her brother couldn't pronounce her name) so I think it's adorable.
    Electra- it's a little superhero for me
    Flannery- O'Connor. Not that that's a bad thing.
    Freya- lovely... but it also reminds me of the lingerie brand for busty ladies
    Gelsey- sounds made up
    Guinevere- nms personally. too King Arthur for me.
    Holiday- like but don't love it. It gives me "Holly Golightly" + "Roman Holiday" all at once, so for me the name is pure homage to Ms. Hepburn (which is cute), but I'm not totally sold on it
    Jamaica- no
    Jezebel- it's cute but given the cultural symbolism of the name, I'm not sure it's a great choice
    Noor- awesome namesake
    Priya- pretty & exotic
    Spencer- I like the homage to Diana (I assume?). Not keen on using such a blatantly masculine name on a girl unless it's also a family name though.
    Unity- not a fan
    Wallis- another great namesake
    Waverly- meh
    Yael- very cool
    Yardley- very prep school.

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    I love, love Artemis, Yael and Noor. How gorgeous is Artemis Noor?! Jezebel is a guilty pleasure for me. The way it's used as a synonym for harlot (however inaccurate and unfortunate that is) makes it unusable, however.
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