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    Please Help to Name Baby #2

    Hi all,

    I'm new to Nameberry and need some help! I've joined the site to hopefully get some advice on baby names. I have one daughter named Ellise Janell . Janell was a name sake that we carried on and Ellise we absolutely loved. It was one of those names when we both heard it, we instantly knew it was right.

    Daughter #2 is due in February, and I'm quite exhausted from my name search. We've decided that Michelle will be the middle name of our second baby (also a name sake). However, we are severely struggling at picking a first name. We haven't had that aha moment like we did with Ellise.

    Our first options were Delaney, Delilah and Lorelei. We've ruled out Delaney because we just don't love it. I've tried but I can't get past the name meanings and origins for Delilah and Lorelei, so we are back to square one.

    Although I find the Chloe, Sophia, Olivia, etc. names beautiful, I would like to stay away from something in the top 50ish in popularity. We don't want something crazy and off the wall. We tend to like "softer" names that aren't unheard of, just not extremely high in popularity.

    Another difficulty I am facing is my husband has a VERY large family that we are very close with. Between all the cousins and cousins kids, it has me somewhat limited. Some of the names that we like, but are already taken are: Madeline, Gabriella, Lily, Cora, Cecile, Lilah, Leah, Amelia, Annabelle, Laynie, Jolie, Masie, Allison, and a slew of others I've probably mentioned but was then reminded that name was already taken.

    By the way, we do like the double L names (doesn't even have to be consecutive). Daughter #1 has double Ls in both names and Daughter #2 will have in her middle name. This is certainly not a requirement, but something we've talked about. Discussed and ruled out for one reason or another: Camille/a, Noelle, Stella, Brielle, Holly, Julliete, Willow, Millicent, Danielle, Halley/ie, Callie.

    Because their middle names will rhyme, I'm wondering if I should stay away from E names (side node Emery and Emerson are also ruled out).

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but please share any suggestions you might have (assuming there are any left with my long list of requirements ). Thank you so much!

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    I'm wondering about Felicity or Fellicity? I think I mentioned it before and hubby didn't go for it but I don't think I got a flat refusal. Ellise Janell and Felicity Michelle?

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    I'm a bit of a pattern girl - I like that Ellise, Janell and Michelle all have a double 'L', and I think it would be fun to continue (but only if you find a name you love).
    E.g. Ellise Janell and her sister...
    Bellamy Michelle
    Collette Michelle
    Molly Michelle (I really like the alliteration in this!)
    Jillian/Gillian Michelle
    Lucille Michelle
    Phillipa Michelle
    Romilly Michelle
    Sally Michelle
    Isabella Michelle
    Best of luck!

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