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    Beatrix and Hazel and Harriet and Plum...

    Still having a hard time finding the one.

    I like quirky, vintage, magical, offbeat, names. I find myself drawn to flower, fruit names, and bird names. Our last name is really short so one syllable names are a no go.

    When I call up imagery for the names I like I think of old books, plaid skirts, fiery trees or falling snow, wool stockings and cameo rings, fireplaces and scarves and moonlight and mystery and nostalgia.

    I love the idea of a winter name for my winter baby - Winter is out as we already have an August and it seems too much. Snow is out as it rhymes with our last name.

    Some names we have been throwing around:

    Beatrix Plum: I love the feel of this name. It's so right, but it's wrong. This name personifies what I want in a name, but for some reason this specific one doesn't feel like "it".

    Eloise Wren: Eloise is a little popular and the whole thing is a little springy, but it's in the right vein.

    Hazel Andromeda: This is close also, but would make her initials HAM, so no.




    Clover (not sure about this but maybe with the right first)

    Juniper (cooling on this one)

    Maeve (LOVE this but it's quite short and our LN begins with M also)

    Willa (right feel but can't see it working for us)

    I recently saw the names Rune and Iverine on here, and like both as potential MNs. I know people hate Rune for a girl but I like it and I like that it ties into our Scandanavian history. Same with Iverine.

    It seems like it takes a good combination for me to fall hard for a name. For example I love Hazel but haven't found the right middle name for it so I can't completely fall for it yet. I also feel like a name like Hazel would need a more unusual MN since it's more popular than I would normally go for. Help?

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    I would like Harriet Plum & Beatrix Clover. And Ophelia Wren, Juniper Maeve, Willa Hazel....

    I also like Hazel Andromeda, and think there are a lot worse initials than HAM. She would probably choose to initial things HM rather than HAM.

    I also think Hazel Beatrice or Beatrix Hazel sound good!

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    MN ideas for Hazel (HAM really isn't the worst initial, unless she's an actress):
    Hazel Bay
    Hazel Maeve
    Hazel Coraline
    Hazel Astrid
    Hazel Ophelie
    Hazel Ianthe
    Hazel Niamh
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    Love all of your names except Willa really.
    Hazel Astoria
    Hazel Seraphina
    Hazel Penelope
    Hazel Mavea

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    I like Hazel!

    What about one of these winter connected names as a middle...

    Nieve pr. NEE-EV-AY snow in spanish
    Eira - Welsh means snow
    Neva- "White snow"
    Holiday ( which ir more a reference to xmas rather than winter)
    Holly or Hollis ( also more a reference to xmas)

    I like the cound of Hazel Holiday and Hazel Nieve best!

    Good Luck!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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