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Thread: How Long...?

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    It took eight months with my son and one month with my daughter. Beyond just the TTC effects of smoking I would be worried about the damage to the baby since it's most susceptible during the period that you won't know if you're pregnant. I've never smoked but cut out caffeine while TTC my son since I read that can lower fertility. I also did a lot of various things like drinking green tea, charting my temperature and using a safe lubricant during sex. I tried pretty much everything I could find to naturally help with TTC. I understand how hard it is to wait but at three months it's too early to say that you're having fertility issues or just are a normal couple.
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    I have been TTC for 3 years and 2 months. I have PCOS and don't ovulate so the world is working against me. Good luck.
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    This is my third month trying.

    I was like you smoking and thinking i could quitt when pregnant- after all the egg dosnt attach for a few days and dosnt take nutrients right away (that was my reasoning and my sisters!)-

    when i didn't fall pregnant the first cycle i read that smokers only have a 15% chance of conceiving- compared to non-smokers at 20%. As well as an increase in miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy's, it took a while for that to sink in and make me realise quitting now was much better as the effects of smoking in pregnancy start before you conceive- i would have blamed myself if i mc if still smoking. Just wasnt worth it.

    I also read allot of posts of women who also had the same plan in mind but ended up smoking -altho to a lesser extent- all through pregnancy and never really quitting. I was really afraid i would be one of those ppl. You know the ones who say itll be more stressful to go through withdrawals while pregnant rather then continue smoking- i had a friend who convinced herself of this and her girl has asthma even tho she only smoked 4 cigarettes a day.

    that was prob more info then you wanted- but its important to me to be informed.. its also really worth quitting before TTC... not to mention its far more relaxing being a non-smoker.

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    I had my IUD removed and we started TTC in December 2012, we got our BFP in May. So, it took right around 5 months for us. However, I can't stress enough how much it varies from couple to couple. I know it seems like you've been trying forever, but the best thing is just to get into a habit of leading a healthy lifestyle and preparing for when it does happen. Best wishes!
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    with our son Elijah, it took nearly 2 years. We are now ttc for #2. I'm about to start my 21st cycle of ttc. We are currently taking a break from 1 year of fertility treatments (several months of homeopathic treatments and several months of "modern medicine"). Odds are that you will get pregnant within the first year. I hope that happens for you
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