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    Question Give me some Boy Names, Plz!

    I have two children named Genevieve Avalon (F) and Lochlin Emmeric (M). My husband and I are trying for our 3rd and will not be finding out the sex of our baby, and so I have been working on names and with boy names we are TOTALLY stumped. Our girl name we will be going with is Coralie Prim. We love names you do not hear often. (However, Genevieve and Lochlin are starting to trend, grr. lol) But I would love some boy name suggestions with our names here. Here are some we have liked and reasons we are not "IN LOVE" with them.

    Rogan- I have a cousin name Logan. My family is close and I think we would always hear about it being "close". Hubs LOVES this name however but understands my concern here.

    Greer- I love it for a boy. But not fond that its being used a lot as a girl name.

    Leith- I love this name but don't like like Lochlin (Loch) and Leith together. Too matchy.

    Ansel- Hubs didn't take to it so well. lol

    Names we don't mind using as middle:

    Leroy- Its a family name. My great grandfather was a hobo and would ride the rails and his "hobo" name was Robert Leroy. Well, when he had his son, he named him Robert Leroy. And his son sadly died at 13 from falling out of a tree they were cutting down. So, I would love to honor the family name and its "silly" family story, if we can find the right place for it.

    Coen- I love this name as well. But don't see it for a first name.

    So! Any help?? Any suggestions! I would love to toss them around and share them with the hubs!!! Thank you in advance!!!

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    Instead of Rogan (Rogaine?), how about Ronan / Ronin/ Rowan / Rohan?

    I feel the same way you do about Greer.

    A lot of my ideas were covered about, but I'll try not to be original
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