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    Meaningful Middles

    After much consideration and stress over finding the perfect middle name for our first daughter we chose to use the nick name I'd used for my mother as opposed to her full name (Julie does not sound perfect with many first names!) as a way to honor her while still complimenting our little girls given name. Ivy Jules, my darling girl.

    Now that we are TTC again the middle for our next will need to have thought and meaning as well. We truly love the name Liv but are at a loss for a perfect middle to compliment with style and familial connections.

    Should we have a boy the middle name would be after my father.

    Any suggestions on new ways to slip meaning into a beautiful middle name would be so appreciated!

    Thank you <3

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    Nicknames, international variants, diminutives and related names are obvious ways. But you could go with having identical initials (as person to be honoured), significant name meanings that match, or special heritage names with the same sound or initials. Or maybe a significant month, place, or other theme for your family.

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    Do you have someone else you want to honor? If so, maybe you could come up with an alternative. A sister, a grandma, maybe? Or even a variant of your husband's name? I have family names in each of my combos, but I do two middles, and I generally try and have an otherwise significant name. For example, I have references to music (I've plaid the piano since I was five), literature (I've loved literature for so long!), Bible characters (I'm a Christian), the stars (it's a long story, but the stars are very nostalgic and meaningful for me), etc., or even values I appreciate (Aurora, meaning "dawn", to represent new beginnings, and that it will never be too late to start again, August for a character in a story I love who never gives up, and doesn't let his handicap, well, handicap him, etc.). Just a few ideas. Is there anything meaningful (either to you, or your family?) that you'd like to honor, if you have no more family you want to honor? I think it's just nice in general to have deeper meaning in a name than "oh, we thought it sounded good with [fn choice]." That's how my name is, and I quite hate it, honestly. All my siblings have much more meaning in their names, and I honestly wish my parents would have thought to include one family name.
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    Meaning is such a personal thing it's hard to help without any background.

    What you did with your mother's name is beautiful! Ivy Jules is simply lovely. You've definitely got the right idea.

    What's his mother's name?
    His grandmothers?
    What did he call them?
    What are they, trees, birds, precious stones, places?
    Where did you meet?
    What songs, books, movies, places are important to you?

    I also adore the name Liv so I'm right there with you!

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    Thank you all so much! You are absolutely right and I know it isn't an easy task to help someone you don't know find personal connection in a name but you have all given me some great avenues to ponder!

    As we will be giving all our children their fathers last name I would like to give them a middle name relating to my family. I am now contemplating giving a second daughter a middle name that reflects my own interests as opposed to a familial name... Fall is a magical, beautiful, poetic time of year to me, and my husband also adores all things September-November. Perhaps a little Liv Autumn or Liv September/October/November would be nice if we are lucky enough to have another fall baby?

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