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    Rhody for a boy? Royal too "out there"? Please help me!

    Hi nameberries,

    If anyone is familiar with my posts, you will now that I have been looking for a name for a boy with the "Roh" sound to honor my father, Roy. (Yes, I know Roy does not sound like ROH-EE, but the name Rowe has some significance to my dad). Anyway, I just love Rhody/Rody, but I am concerned that this is an only female name. I have since scratched Rhody from my list, but this weekend, I kept running across the name Rhodri. I really am starting to like this name, and I'm wondering #1) Is Rhodri too unusable to be usable? 2) If usable, can Roy or Rhody/Rody be acceptable nicknames for Rhodri? 3) Is Rhody (at least in this spelling) too feminine? (If so, is Rody an ok spelling, or can you share more acceptable spellings)?

    Another question I have (not related to Rhody/Rhodri) is this: Do you think the name Royal works with our surname (Deal)? Is Royal "Deal" too much? Royal (again to honor Roy) might just well make it's way into my middle name spot regardless of what I decide for the first name, but if I DID want to use it as a first, is it too jarring to you? I hate that our surname (although a different spelling) is a word name, and of course, Royal is descriptive.

    I certainly appreciate any feedback. We've been settled on a girls name for a while, and I just want to love a boy's name just as much.

    Possible, but not confirmed, family names as middles for Rhodri would be:

    Thanks so much!
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    Oh, ROYAL!

    I just love this name. My grandfather-in law was named Royal, and ever since I found that out I have absolutely loved it. I would even use i if it didn't completely clash with our last name. A little bit of a grandpa name, but so awesome! I don't think Royal Deal sounds weird, personally.

    I like Rhodri, too.
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    I think Royal Deal sounds a bit much. Like something to do with gambling.. I wouldn't name the baby Royal Deal. And the name Royal is a no go for me by itself anyway.
    I like Rhodri! Rhodri works with any of those middles.
    Rhodri Theodore is adorable! And Rody is a very cute nn for Rhodri imo

    Some other names (even though you didn't ask but I haven't seen your other posts):

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    I was just going to suggest Roan/Rowan, Ronan, and Rohan, and got beat to it, I second these.

    I would steer clear of Royal for a first name if my surname was Deal, but that is my personal opinion. You could use it as a middle name, that would avoid Mr. Royal Deal. Royal would also make a special nickname for your little guy.

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    I don't love Royal Deal (although Royal is a cool name). Maybe Royce? Roderick nn Rody?

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