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    Looking to expand our list

    Hi Berries. We are officially ttc baby #2! I am loving looking and talking about names with my husband. We have a boy named Kellen Arthur. Here is our small list of names we both kind of like. What do you think? Do they "go with" Kellen? Do they have to? Can you help me think of more names to ask my husband about? (we want to stay away from -er endings (last name) and -n endings (too close to Kellen). Thanks so much!

    Dashiell - I really like this one!
    Malachi - husbands #1
    Harold -husband thinks this might be "too old man-ish" but said he likes it.
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    Kellen is very handsome. I think most names feel right together once they belong to a family, if that makes sense. My neighbors have a mix of different styles but they all seem to fit.

    I really like Dashiell and Desmond from your list. Other suggestions -

    Everett, Pierce, Bennett, Beckett, Dermot, Cormac, Teague, Bodhi, Brodie, Ramsay, Liam, Eamon, Brigham, Dempsey

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbk View Post
    Hi ]Do[/name_f] they "go with" Kellen? Do they have to?
    The eternal question! I think the answer is that that is up to you. In my family, none of the siblings' names "go together"... but it doesn't really matter, and I never noticed it. I've never had anyone comment on it, either. So it just depends on what you want.

    Dashiell - I think this one "fits" the best.
    Desmond- Doesn't "fit", but I love it as a name.
    Hershel- Hershey's... not my fav.
    Malachi - This one is nice. What about Malachy (Ma-la-kee), the Irish version? It might "fit" better with Kellen, if you care about that.
    Malcolm- Love, love, love Malcolm... I adore the nicknames Mac and Colm. I think it goes with Kellen, also.
    Harold -Doesn't fit with Kellen, imho. I do love it as a name, though... esp. the nn Hal.

    Kellen and Heath
    Kellen and Anders
    Kellen and Amos
    Kellen and Burke
    Kellen and Blaise
    Kellen and Blake
    Kellen and Brooks
    Kellen and Brody
    Kellen and Brady
    Kellen and Teague
    Kellen and Wesley
    Kellen and Wendall
    Kellen and Toby
    Kellen and Sterling
    Kellen and Dominic
    Kellen and Dermot
    Kellen and Cormac
    Kellen and Elliott
    Kellen and Everett
    Kellen and Amias
    Kellen and Forrest
    Kellen and Griffith
    Kellen and Jude
    Kellen and Jericho
    Kellen and Judah
    Kellen and Lance
    Kellen and Lewis
    Kellen and Lawrence
    Kellen and Micah
    Kellen and Miles
    Kellen and Murphy
    Kellen and Mitchell
    Kellen and Noel
    Kellen and Neil
    Kellen and Patrick
    Kellen and Tate
    Kellen and Channing
    Kellen and Finley
    Kellen and Reid
    Kellen and Graham
    Kellen and Grant
    Kellen and Garrett
    Kellen and Ross
    Kellen and Seth
    Kellen and Thomas
    Kellen and Wyatt
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    I think Dashiell, Desmond and Malcolm fit very well with Kellen.

    Hershel isn't my fave, but it's not bad. I kind of like the sound.
    Malachi - I agree that Malachy would be a much better fit (and I prefer it in general).
    Harold - I agree with your husband that this might be "too old man-ish".

    How about Harvey or Hendrik?

    P.s. Kellen Arthur is very handsome!

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