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    Husband won't let go of Dorothy

    We have been discussing names at home since my Mirena comes out this week. My H is loving Dorothy, which is my maternal grandmother's mn. He also loves nn Dot, Dotty, Dolly. I like it ok. Wizard of Oz was my fav growing up so that connection doesn't bother me. Elmo's fish and the Wiggles' character sorta bothers me.
    I am loving Dahlia. My H feels the same about Dahlia as I do about Dorothy. It's ok but he doesn't love it. I find it to be fresher and more modern. The Black Dahlia association doesn't bother me.
    I feel like we need to add more to our list bc with Dorothy and Dahlia, one of us is going to be settling.
    Other names I like:
    Louisa (but too close to DD's mn Lucille)
    Mabel (DH says it sounds like we are trying too hard)
    Sonya (DH says this one is ok)
    Selah (DH doesn't like this one as much)

    Babies we know who have been born recently whose names I like: Elodie, Laurel, Elinor, Allegra, Thora.

    Any suggestions?

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    I think Dot or Dotty is a cute vintage-ie nick name

    What about:


    Theodora (Dorothy and Theodora have similar meaning)

    Delilah (close to Dahlia, but a little more flowing)

    Dahlia, according to nameberry, is pronounced DAY-lee-a in Britain (maybe the hubs would like this better?)
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    I was also going to suggest Dorothea, nn Thea.

    How about Estella/Stella, Sadie, Eloise, Elora/Eliora, Florence nn Ren?, Gloria, Flora, Fiora, Hattie, Mavis, Maeva, Marjorie, Miriam, Helena, Leonora/Lenora/Lenore?

    Kind of all over the place based on different things you said....

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