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    Middle name for Annabel

    HI Berries,
    We are getting closer to picking a girls name, baby is due in the spring. My DH only likes about 6 names! Annabel was not on my list but it is growing on me. Now looking for a middle name.

    I'd like to honour some family members: Tamsin, Joyce or Theodore. What are your opinions on the names below. I like Annabel Theodora but wondering if it sounds like too many names? Anna, Belle, Theo and Dora? Open to new suggestions too. I would consider a name that means Spring or that begins with T.
    Thanks so much!
    (our last name has one syllable)

    Annabel Theodora

    Annabel Tamsin Joyce

    Annabel Tabitha?

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    pretty name! I really do like having Annabel as my name!

    If you wanted a spring feel to the middle name, how about...
    Annabel Flora,
    Annabel Primrose,
    Annabel Iris

    I do agree that Annabel Theodora is a bit long, although not the end of the world! How about Annabel Thea? Or even Annabel Dora? I think either of those sound pretty, especially Annabel Thea!

    Another T name to consider is Annabel Tilly or Annabel Tara.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for your suggestions. The more I look at it, the more I think Annabel Theodora is ok. Our last name has one syllable, so most days she'll be Annabel ___.
    This is likely our last child, so I want to be able to honour my sister and Grandad, which Theodora does. I guess in the end, that is more important than dropping a syllable.

    I'm so glad to hear from a real Annabel! And that you like your name. I wasn't so sure on it at first, so your message is very reassuring, thank you!

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    What about Annabel Tessa Joy?
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