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    Have any of you ever fostered to adopt?

    I have been researching different types of adoptions for a couple of weeks and adopting from foster care is what I'm currently focusing on. Is there ever any healthy Caucasian 5-7 year olds available for adoption? I looked through lists of waiting children and didn't see any. Can you choose the race of the children that are placed with you? Has anyone ever gone through this that is willing to share their experience?

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    I haven't fostered to adopt, but I would think you could request? I've heard that in infancy adoption Caucasian girl babies are in the highest demand--of course, that's a different process, but I would think you could request certain things for foster to adopt, as well? I had a cyber friend who was looking into foster-to-adopt, and when they entered the programme, they were asked if they had any stipulations--special needs children, ages, etc. So I would think you could request a certain age and nationality. I had another cyber "friend" (she ended up being a troll--long story!) who "fostered-to-adopt", and while in the process she said she requested that the foster system only give her children with similar coloring, because she wanted them to feel like they fit into the family. Which sometimes I can't tell if that's sensitive and sensible, or downright appalling. If I adopted a child of another nationality, he or she would be just as much a part of my family as any biological child of mine would be. But I can understand wanting a Caucasian child--I'm mainly of European (English, Welsh, Irish, German, Swiss, French) ancestry, so I feel like I would know how to deal with that best. I know how to take care of white people hair, haha. I know more about European stuff, because I'm interested in where I'm from. But if I adopted a Vietnamese child, I would learn all that stuff and help them appreciate where they're from, and where they are now. If that makes sense.

    I don't know for sure, and I couldn't guide you terribly much (I have refused to let myself look into adoption anything until I find a well-paying job that I could actually support myself and an adopted child, or until I marry, haha, because I know I'll get too broody otherwise!), but from the process of other friends, I should think so?

    Anyway, hopefully someone else will be more helpful.

    Good luck!
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    I'm no expert, just someone with a lot of adoption in my family, but white kids are adopted much more quickly because of higher demand. You would likely have to wait a while. Is it really important to have a white child? Transracial adoption is complicated, yes, but the bottom line is that all kids need parents.

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    It's not that I have anything against other races I just can't see myself with anything other then a white son. I can easily see myself with an Asian daughter but there isn't a large Asian population in my area so I would most likely have to do an international adoption. I won't be adopting any time soon but I recently found out I can't have children so I am looking into my options for the future.
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    The problem is that Caucasian 5-7 year olds are the ones everyone wants! It sounds insensitive, but it's sadly very true. I haven't experienced adoption myself but my brother in law and his boyfriend have two adopted kids and it was a long hard struggle for them to get to where they are now. Theirs are siblings, both African-American and it took them years just to go through the first stages of adoption. I don't think it matters about race but it really depends what you're going to feel comfortable. You'll probably have more luck trying to adopt siblings because there's often more of them out there as it's more of a challenge to take on, if it's something you'd be willing to try. I hope I've helped!

    PS I love your names in your signature!

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