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    Question Rosetta Stone - Why is it bad?

    So I have written a few threads about Rosetta lately. Its dainty, but mysterious. It reminds me of folk music, flowing skirts and roses. I know what the Rosetta Stone is, the program etc. but I don't really understand why its a negative association. Maybe its my ignorance, but would you please explain it to me?

    Thanks Berries!
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    Because it opens the door to teasing. Would you name a child after a store or a theater or a restaurant? Probably not.

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    I don't understand why it would be negative either. Rosetta Stone is a language program, and the Rosetta Stone itself was an ancient slab that helped people understand the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphs... I think there is some controversy over where the Rosetta Stone is kept? But I can't imagine that ruining the name.

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    I don't see either of those connotations as negative! And whose to say that the language program will stick around/remain particularly popular?

    TBH, i think that the Rosetta Stone (the actual stone) would be a kind of awesome namesake! It's an incredible piece of history.

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    I think it's sort of because that's ALL people think of. Along the same vein, I lovelovelove Linus, but every person I see in real life that knows I love Linus gives me a crazy look--because it's so connected to Peanuts. I guess people just don't like to have a name with such a strong connection to just one thing in pop culture. I know a Rosetta, actually. She wears it well. I always just saw it as any other Rose name until after I didn't see her so much and everyone keeps talking about the language programme. It's sweet, and Rosie and Etta are adorable.
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