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    I'm traditional as well, but maybe in a little different sense than you (not going to get into that here). All of this depends on the couple and the individual people. My husband and I married young (and recently!) and we're trying for our first baby now. Our priorities before marriage and babies were to be financially secure, own a home, and a stable job for him. I am in the middle of finishing a degree in Secondary Education but will take a break when I become heavily pregnant, if I don't graduate before than. Me getting a degree isn't a tip top priority because the plan for us has been that I'd be a stay at home wife/mom. The degree would be more of a back up plan. What I'm trying to say is every couple is unique and has different priorities and ways of life. What works for us might not work or you and your boyfriend. I second the advice, take one thing at a time. Savor and enjoy each phase in your life. Time really does fly and you might wish you could back and enjoy the carefree life of a unmarried couple or the fun life as a newlywed or the newness of a new baby and so on and so on. Live every day to the fullest. Good luck!

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    @sarahmezz- Yes, and I think we are agreeing about this. Our early marriage and family building has worked out differently than it does for most, so I just wanted to add that to the conversation.

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    I'm in pretty much the same place. OH and I are getting engaged near Christmas when he comes home on leave. We were 15 and 16 when we decided we were going to get married one day but put planned on it being much later than what we're planning now.
    Yes, the divorce rate is higher for younger couples than those who are older but overall the divorce rate is high. As long as you're both willing to work with each other and grow up with the other than it could work just as well. Its just a matter of realizing it. My OH and I have spent years working things out like who's going to do dishes, feelings about the cleanliness of the house, etc. Due to his job we can't do a "test run" and live together so it really is like jumping off the deep end for us.
    But really people will judge no matter what. Just remember, its your relationship. No one can make it or break it but you two.

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    Where I'm from, lots of people get married while they're young and in college. I don't know as many who have kids already, but there are a few. My parents got married at 21 and had me at 22, and they're still happily married 23 years later. I also have a cousin who is 25 and has been married three times. You can find people at any end of the spectrum, so my advice would be to do what seems right for you and make it work. I'm sort of (unofficially at this point..) planning on getting married next year. I will just be finishing school and he will still have a few years left. I'm not planning on having kids until he's done, but again, I know lots of people who have done it and love it.
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    Having kids in college is possible, but it would be so much easier to get your degree first. If you get engaged soon, you can plan your wedding to distract yourself from wanting to TTC, then once you get married you can figure out a plan from there. I don't think there's anything wrong with getting married young if you're ready.

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