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    My favorites are Brooks and Leo. I like that both are short and simple and easy to spell. But both are more interesting (by a long stretch!) than Michael, John, etc.

    For me, the main appeal of Brooks is that my great-grandfather was a tailor at Brooks Brothers, so the name reminds me of him. But it also reminds me of a brook or stream, and thus nature, but without sounding like..."Rain" or something like that.

    Leo is a [very] recent name crush of mine. I really just think it's cute for a little boy while still seeming quite appropriate for a grown man.

    I think both Brooks and Leo fit well with your other children's names, especially Reed. I don't think you would get negative reactions from either. Brooks does sound a bit preppy, but I don't think it's a problem.

    I wouldn't advise using Judah, especially since you already have a Jonah. And I'm just not a huge fan of Julian. And considering your preference to avoid nicknames, I would stay away from it. My Uncle insisted that nobody was going to call my cousin "Vinny" (his name is Vincent), but that went out the window almost immediately. He now goes by Vinny and always has [aside from when he's getting in trouble haha].
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    I would definitely pick Leo! I think it fits right in with your other boys. Brooks would be my very distant second choice, I actually know someone named this..not a fan of his. Judah and Julian I automatically dismiss due to their similarity to Jonah...Not considering Jonah...I don't like Judah anyway and I always find Julian to be hoity-toity and stuck up.

    Can I ask why you don't consider Jude over Judah? That is one syllable and different enough Jonah.

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    I love the dark horse. Miles has always been a favourite of mine. I was a nanny for a little boy named Miles when I was in university and I fell in love with both him and his name. It is certainly not "old man" to me. Next on the list would be Leo and then Julian. Both are great, handsome, strong names. I don't care for Brooks at all, I'm afraid.

    Good luck!

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    I love Brooks. I wanted to use it but the Hubby wasn't a fan.

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    Out of your 4, I like Leo the best. Judah and Julian are too close to Jonah. Brooks IMO is too trendy, too celeb-esque. Leo is strong and simple. Miles is my second choice. Your choices also make me think of Ellis, which is on my list too.

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