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    Help us decide among these 4 names


    We are expecting boy #4. Big brothers are Casey, Reed, and Jonah. I just can't really get totally comfortable with any of these names, but I've looked at every name out there and have ruled out everything else for various reasons (so I don't need any other suggestions -- I've seen them all multiple times). Here are my concerns and positives about each one:

    Brooks -- too preppy, too pretentious sounding, and I can't imagine calling a baby and toddler by this name. but, I like one syllable names, and like that it is a different letter than my other kids' names. also like that it sounds upper class (at least at the moment).

    Judah -- this one is obvious -- it's too close to Jonah. also, my last name, which this baby will have, is very Irish, and Judah is very Hebrew. so I'm worried about an incongruity there. (DH has Jewish ancestry but is not technically Jewish nor does he identify as Jewish, although that obviously did not stop us from using Jonah, but with DH's last name, which is more Jewish sounding). but, I love the sound, and it passes the everyday usage test. (e.g. I can imagine calling it on the playground, which is where I am having trouble with the other names).

    Julian -- don't love the fact that it's 3 syllables because that gets into nickname territory and I am vehemently opposed to nicknames. also concerned that it's too popular, as I would prefer to stay out of the top 100. but have always liked the name, it has a melodic sound that appeals to me and it's not too butch. not sure what I would call him on a day to day basis though. again, the nickname thing.

    Leo -- main concern is the popularity, it seems to be trending up in a way that alarms me. I'm fine with its current popularity but I'm concerned that it will get up into the top 50 and become really dated and/or trashy in 10 years.

    I don't have too much longer to make this decision. DH likes Brooks the best out of the above, I think I like it the least but I bounce back and forth between the others from day to day. He would be okay with any of them though. Our other dark horse is Miles, which DH prefers to all four of the above but I just haven't been able to get comfortable with. Seems like too old man a name to call a baby, also seems really trendy and too popular.

    I have never asked for feedback about baby names before because with my other kids we just settled on something that felt right, but I haven't gotten that feeling this time and am desperate (almost 37 weeks and possibly looking at an early birth for health reasons). All feedback welcome.

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    With Casey, Reed, and Jonah I prefer Brooks and Leo. Judah is very close to Jonah. My personal favorite is Brooks.

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    From your list I like Brooks and Leo. With Casey, Reed and Jonah I like Brooks best, though Leo is a close second.
    I don't think Julian fits with your other children's names quite as well and Judah is too close to Jonah.
    I also think Miles would go nicely, I know a little Miles so I don't see it as an old man name.

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    Love Leo! I agree Judah is too close to Jonah, and not sure if Julian is also a bit close. I am not a fan of Brooks.
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    My favorite from your list is Leo. For some reason when I picture a Brooks he is very sketchy looking. Julian is too feminine sounding for me and I just don't like Judah. I prefer Jude plus its one syllable which you said you liked.
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