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    Question Girls names on boys

    This blog has really gotten me thinking about the boys names on girls trend. My jaw hit the floor when I read that Meredith, Evelyn, and Beverly were once traditionally male names. I took Evelyn off my list of potential girl names after reading this blog, because I feel so strongly against boy names on girls.

    Nobody seems to bat an eyelash anymore when a girl is named Emerson, James, or Noah. So many boy names have gone/ are going to the girls in recent decades- Ashley, Madison, Emerson, Allison, Taylor, Jordan, to name a few.

    I'm bothered that a boy named Evelyn, Madison, Morgan, Meredith, or Lauren these days would likely be teased his whole life for having a "girl" name, even though all are traditionally male names. I met a male baby boomer named Lyn (nn for Linville or Lynwood, can't remember which) who was teased incessantly, even by adults!

    Where are the little boys named Elizabeth? Sophia? Emma? How would you feel if you met a boy named Isabel?

    Why is it OK to name a girl a traditionally boy name, but not the other way around?

    I'm not looking to be nasty. I want some honest opinions and civil debate here.

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    Not even going to get into this argument again. I do think it might not have been the best plan to start a thread on this. I am rather new to the forum and already know that this subject only starts arguments and that there is no civil debating going on. I just hope the moderators watch this thread carefully.

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    I'd totally name a little boy with a traditionally female name if I thought society was conducive to not making the kid feel like a piece of crap because of it.

    To truly understand it, we have to look at how people react to traditionally female names on boys.

    I know a couple who are going to name their son Savannah just because they like it on a boy. They've already had to defend it a few times, and y'know. I'm all for this stuff, like traditionally male names on girls, traditionally female names on boys. It's all good.
    For example, Virtue names? Unisex, nothing there that's gender specific.

    Now obviously there are some reasons a name may stay gender specific, meanings for instance, or a particularly classic figure who 'owns' the name (Persephone etc, though strangely not Artemis)

    Some people are super traditional and think there should be boys names and girls names.

    Boys called Rose, girls called Dexter. Vote AriellaDreams for Prime Minister.

    PS. Isabel would be a cool boys name, 'Pledged to God', related to Elizabeth, as in the Queen. Nothing wrong with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arielladreams View Post
    I'd totally name a little boy with a traditionally female name if I thought society was conducive to not making the kid feel like a piece of crap because of it.
    I'm from the "there are girl names, and there are boy names" camp myself, mainly because of ^^that.^^ I'm happy to see a little boy named Savannah. If I saw more boys named Savannah, I'd jump on the boys-names-on-girls bandwagon. I just worry that people would be mean to him

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    AriellaDreams for Prime Minister, fo' shizzle! ...only I'm in the US, so I couldn't vote for you.

    Thank you for your reply. Maybe the moderators wouldn't have to monitor this thread so closely if more people could be as thoughtful in their replies as yourself

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