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    I think you just need to say absolutely not, and that you are willing to go extremely unique, as long as it's a name you both like and can agree on. I was looking in the Z and X names for ideas. How about Zorion (nn Zor?)? I like that it has the Z, a cool nickname, the connection to Orion (tho I'm saying it more like Dorian, whether that's correct I don't know...).

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    Wretched and horrible. This is where you put your foot down and say NO! Both parents need to agree and compromise and it sounds like you are being pretty dang nice by being willing to put it in the middle. I love Zeke! Here are a few other more unique names:


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    Wow. That "name" is terrible. I feel for you.

    Also, why should a father (who isn't married to the mother) get to pick out all three of child's names?

    I think you should tell him "no" & that if he wants to have any part in selecting his son's fn then he needs to let go of Xynon (or whatever) & gets serious about finding something else!


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    Xynon should be the name of an experimental drug or a copy machine... not a child. It also reminds me of Zenon: Girl of the 21st century (getting a lot of mileage out of that reference today).

    You have my deepest sympathies. Hope your partner comes round before the birth and you are able to compromise-- your list sounds like a good place to start

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and opinions!! Maybe if I show him the thread he will understand that literally almost NO ONE likes the name!
    I love some of the name suggestions and will definitely be using those as a suggestion too!

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