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    Cool Felix or Johnny?

    This will be our second child, a delivery surprise. We already have a daughter called Zoe Elizabeth. We don't know what we're having, but if it's a boy, we have a shortlist:

    - John Joseph (to be known as Johnny. John Joseph was my grandfather's name. He was known as Jack, but I feel Jack is way too popular, so Johnny is better)
    - Felix Joseph

    We had already decided on Felix if Zoe had been a boy, so part of the reason we've been brainstorming other names this time around is that it feels like we've been holding on to it forever. I'm genuinely torn. I do love the idea of having a son called Johnny as I think it's such a cool name and very underused these days. We would christen him John so he can have that option when he grows up. But I do still really love Felix. But I wonder a/ that it's becoming to popular; and b/ that there's no obvious nickname.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? And these are the only 2 we can agree on, so no use suggesting anything different! My husband is being a major pain!!
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    I agree that John is way too popular. I honestly can't really stand this name because I know sooooo many of them. Felix gets my vote.

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    I agree John is way too popular. I know many Johns and the radio station here has a 'random John' segment where they phone a random number hoping to speak to a John! It's a bit of a joke.
    I vote Felix. I love it and would use it. It has a great meaning.

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    I adore Felix! Felix Joseph is brilliant and Felix and Zoe sound WONDERFUL together.
    Best of luck!

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    Felix is a good name, but I just can't imagine it on a child, seems to be a pets name to me. I LOVE the nn Johnny for John! If he is exclusively known as Johnny I think that's so adorable. Johnny can be used as an adult too - see actor Johnny Galecki. My friends son is christened Vincent but only known as Vinnie, so I love the idea Johnny gets my vote for sure.

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