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    If you are unhappy with Xynon then put your foot down. In my opinion, you are the one that is carrying the child so final decision is yours.

    From your list I like Asher, Zeke and Zane

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    I personally don't like Xynon makes me think of Xenox and sounds like the name of a planet from Star Trek.

    However I think that it's important for both parents to feel connected to the name of their child. Perhaps your partner would consider Xynon as a middle name instead of his own name. So it Zeke Xynon for example? Xynon could be the name that only his father calls him?

    I think it this point your best bet is to your partner down and tell him you dislike the name. Tell him that the name should be reflective of both parents, not just him. Let him know how important it is to you, as the mother of his child, and that you guys need to find a different first name. Don't let him make light or belittle your feeling on this. It's important and this should feel like an important discussion.

    I would also just honestly ask him if he wants your child to have a first name you dislike. He will probably counter by asking you the same thing. That is the time to bring up that you're willing to use Xynon as middle name. That you're not dictating exactly what the first name should be, But you need to find a different one Xynon.

    Good luck! And congratulations!
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    I will say that I did read it as ZY-non, but it is an awful name regardless.

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    I actually don't hate the name Xynon... but your suggestions are so much better.

    Zane and Zyler/Xyler are the only names from your other list that seems like he might like them too. They may not be as unique or "out there" like Xynon but you still never hear them much... I don't think I've ever met someone with those names actually.

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    What I'm seeing is that you're giving up several of your name ideas, because he doesn't like them as much as Xynon. He needs to be willing to give you the same consideration. Just like he won't accept Ryker, Damien or Lucas because it's "not as good as Xynon," he needs to be willing to drop HIS favorite because YOU don't like it. No one should get to dig in their heels on one name, and make their partner run around scrambling for alternatives because they can't stand it. If you have to compromise, so does he.

    If you're going for something unusual (which seems to be a concern for him), Lucas, Damien and Ryker ARE fairly popular. From your list, Asher is wonderful - though also increasing in popularity. Could I suggest looking through a list of popular names? It might give you a better idea of what's common right now, and whether he might be the only Asher/Zane/Zeke in his class.

    If it's any help, here's the list for the USA:
    Minerva Elisabeth Rosamund & Pascal John Ludovic

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