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    Angry Partner and I are fighting over the name! What is YOUR opinion?

    Just UGH! is all I can say.
    Our baby boy is due in less than two weeks, possibly sooner or later, and my partner will not give up on this stupid name:
    Like uh what? I understand literally no one in the world has it, and its 'unique' but I just can't get over how it sound like an alien name or something. Or like a robot "ZY" "NON". And my partner thinks that they Xy is suppose to sound like 'Zy' but whenever I look at names that are Xy its 'Zee'.
    And he will not give it up no matter what I throw at him. All his 'friends' think its the best name ever, but his family and my family and everyone I know dont like it at all.
    I love the name Ryker, and he did for a bit, until he found Xynon and now he hates Ryker.
    I also like Lucas and Damien. But he thinks they're too popular and not unique enough. Not a lot of people I meet or hear of named Lucas or Damien or even Ryker!

    I feel like my child is going to hate his name if we call him Xynon. No one is going to understand how to pronounce it and he will have to correct them with spelling and pronunciation every time and possibly more than once. My partner doesnt understand this, he shrugs and says oh well he'll just have to correct everyone all the time.

    My name is Amber and its not a common name at all, easy to spell and pronounce. Partners name is Mickey, not a lot of people named that either and its easy to spell and pronounce, just think of the disney character lol

    Im thinking about bringing up the whole 'maybe as a second middle name' but I feel like my partner just wont go for it at all.
    Our baby already has the middle and last name of Mickey English (partners name). I can see _________ Xynon Mickey English as his name and if he ends up loving Xynon as much as my partner does then he can use his middle name as a first name. But I feel like that suggestion will go down the drain, eeeeek!

    So I'd like to know what you all think about the name 'Xynon' ?

    Here are some other names I am thinking of suggesting to my partner:
    Zyler/Xyler (since partner is so set on an X name and Z sounding)

    But of course some of these names wont go with the _________ Xynon Mickey English. I dont think Lucas Xynon Mickey English or Ryker Xynon Mickey English sounds bad at all.

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    Xynon is pretty bad, sorry. I like Zane, Zeke, and Asher from your list. Maybe suggest some other X names to him as a compromise... Paxton, Knox, Dexter?

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    Personally I don't think Xynon is usable. It's has no history of use as a name and he will forever be explaining it to people. It also reminds me of Zenon (the very tacky movie) and Zenon lights.

    I like Ryker, Lucus, Zyler and Zeke from your list. I wouldn't pair Zyler or Zeke with Xynon as a middle though because of the repetitive sounds.

    Other suggestions:
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    Xynon is awful. Isn't it the name of the evil alien that Scientologists believe in? I don't know, but it makes me think of that.

    TBH I don't love Ryker, but I like it a lot better than Xynon.

    Tell your husband that names don't make people unique. Your son will be unique regardless of what his name is, because he'll be his own little person.
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    Xynon is bad; there's no way around it. I wouldn't even use it as a mn. It doesn't sound like your guy attaches real meaning to the name but rather that he and his friends think it sounds cool. That's not a good enough reason to saddle a child with a (non) name like that!

    Some of the other suggestions are great. Names like Dexter, Xander, Xavier, and Knox offer rarity plus an X.

    From your list, I really like Asher and Zeke. If giving your son your partner's name as his mn as well as his ln wasn't already a compromise, make them one. Put the whole name on the chopping block so that your son can end up with a great fn, followed by the mn and ln you've already chosen.
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