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    Help Naming Royal Elves!

    Hello! I'm trying to write a fantasy story (And a more realistic one that I still need help with. The link to that post can be found here.). I need help with some of the characters. The story is a retelling of Peter Pan. In mine Tinker Bell married the king of elves and died before the story takes place. One of her daughters plays her role in the story. My favorite name for her is Persephone. Well, Persephone is a pretty long name so I figured her nickname could be Percy. It fits her spunky, spirited personality perfectly and she could still be Princess Persephone to people who don't know her well! The issue is the rest of her family's names. She has one kind, firm older sister who cares greatly for her people, an adventurous, slightly mischievous older brother who was framed and exiled for a crime he didn't commit, a respectful, traditional, nice twin sister, and a sweet, innocent, childish younger brother. My original idea was to name them Magnolia"Noa or Nola", Revere"possible nickname Reeve", Persephone"Percy", Valentine, and Bastian. The only issue is that Noa(I like this slightly better than Nola), Reeve, and Percy all have fun nicknames and Valentine and Bastian don't. Revere doesn't necessarily have to go by Reeve and my main issue is that one twin gets a cute nickname and the other doesn't. I hate Val, Valley, Lenny, Tiny, and Tina as nicknames for Valentine, but maybe you guys know of other nicknames. I'm open to changing their names so they can match better(except maybe Percy's because I love it). To give you an idea of what I'm going for here are other names I considered: Minerva, Clementine, Isadora, Clio/Cleo, Gaia, Hero, Calliope, Juniper, Indira, Mercy, Delia, Liv, Isis, Leta, Pace, Shai, Pax, Gavriel, Valor, Vox, Merit, Stellan, Florian, Ignatius, Augustus, Atlas, Odin, Zephyr, and Silas. I'd never use majority of these as anything other than adventurous middle names on real children, but I figured that anything goes in fantasy, right! Sorry for the long post. I'm open to any suggestions. Help me please!

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