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    Amelia - it's the medical name of given to the birth defect of being born with one or more missing limbs. Why is it popular as a name then?!
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    Mine is Lark - there are just so many other bird names so much better that i don't understand why you would choose Lark - also dosnt sound appealing at all to me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiemary View Post
    Amelia - it's the medical name of given to the birth defect of being born with one or more missing limbs. Why is it popular as a name then?!
    a.) It has a meaning aside from the medical term. b.) People don't know about the birth defect because it's extremely rare.
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    Thisbe. I just...- I can't. It doesn't make any sense to me as a name.
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    Asher. Maybe I've read one too many books with terrible Ashers, but I don't like it. Oddly, though, it's starting to seem more appealing... maybe the memories of those book characters wearing off? (I don't particularly like most ash- names, but especially Asher.)
    Gelsey. The sound just isn't pleasant IMO, and it seems like it could easily be mispronounced as "jealousy." Which is not good.
    Garland for a girl. It makes much more sense for a boy... with the -land ending, and the gar- beginning like Garfield (both the president and the cat).
    Sylvia over Silvia. Sylvia is fine, but Silvia is prettier IMO. It's more similar to "silver" and it feels oh so ethereal and silvery and foresty, like a forest in the darkness of night with moonlight filtering through the trees. I just adore Silvia, and Sylvia/Sylvie is fine but I don't get why everyone prefers it.
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