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    I didn't say girls had to be pretty and feminine. I'm definitely not a "pretty" girl and I'm perfectly happy with that. I meant that I liked feminine names, they don't have to be frilly and ultra feminine. I just think its nice when girls have girls names, wether its something like Alessandra or something like Bronwen. My point was that I don't see Riley or Peyton or any other surname/boys name as being a strong name for a girl. There are other ways of reflecting what you want to have reflected in a girls name (wether its beauty or strength or intelligence) without taking a name thats traditionally used for males and sticking it on a female. There are plenty feminine names that I think are strong, tomboyish and intelligent. You don't have to take names from the male side to get that message across.
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    Jayden seriously I don't get it. You know when you hear a song on the radio and you think that's terrible! "Barbie Girl" comes to mind as an example. Then it gets played in heavy rotation and becomes a hit, and your left wondering... HOW? Isn't it awful? Is it just me?

    All of Aidan rhyming names remind me of this, but Jayden for me is the worst. Probably because its so popular.

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    The only name I really don't get is Imogen it's so hard to pronounce and everyone seems to say it differently! I have a pretty good tolerance to lots of different names and can usually see why people like them even if I don't, but think one I just don't get at all! Terrible
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    Misspellings (or "creative" spellings) of names. I'll be the first to admit that I like certain accepted alternate spellings more than the original (I like Kathryn more than Catherine, and Karlie a little bit more than Carly). They just don't make sense to me, especially if the intent was to make the child's name "different". The name will still be pronounced the same. She'll be "Isabella S." whether it's spelled Isabella or Izzabellah. Spelling it the latter way would only serve to make you and your child look uneducated, and give her a much more difficult time later in life.

    I do, however, completely understand the whole surnames for girls (not to be mistaken for boys names on girls, which I think can be a bit ridiculous, especially if there is a feminine form of the name). In the South, family surnames are often given to children regardless of gender. Because, to me, surnames are, with the exception of names like George, Addison, Lacy/Lacey, gender-neutral. I don't see how it makes a difference whether they are given to boys or girls. So what's the problem with someone naming a daughter Chalmers or McLean or DeWitt, when they are family names? Maybe that's just the whole Southern thing, but I really don't see a problem with it.
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    Emma. It's so short and boring to me and yet it's so popular. There's nothing even special about it. Well it's just how I feel anyway.

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