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    Strong myth or nature based names for my January baby

    I posted a while back about naming my daughter Hazel... well her father hates the name Hazel (but for really awful reasons saying people will make fun of her... call her a witch.. etc.."Do you KNOW anyone named Hazel?"). I'm not Christian and actually prefer "pagan" or myth/nature based names, and was naming her after witch hazel because it blooms in winter (she's a January baby). I would still use it, and refuse to take it off the list, but its more so a middle name at this point.

    So, I'm back to the drawing board for the most part, though I get the final call on her name. My boyfriend's suggestions have been things like Cynthia (which made my list after he suggested it and is fairly useable to me), Samantha, Sue (I told him I'm mildly okay with Suzanne) and oddly... Jet. In general, he seems to want something ordinary and not out there or uncommon... the opposite of what I'm going for!

    This has been an emotionally difficult and at times traumatic (while physically easy!) pregnancy, I want to bestow upon her a name that indicates strength, has a history behind it, or an epic meaning. For example, while one of the more "common" names on my list, Clara Lucille was an idea I liked as it means "clear, bright light" when combined. Something I hope she will bring to my life. Plus, Lucy is a character in my favorite film (Stealing Beauty).

    So, here is my list and why I chose them. Not all meanings are the same as they are on nameberry either. I'm looking for similar suggestions, as well as something that might work with both our tastes that I've somehow overlooked... I have a baby shower Sunday and I'm hoping to be able to print a list and use it in a game. Names with very definite meanings (like night rain, or morning star) I'd reserve for if she is born at a certain time or with a certain event going on. So having a few to pick from is somewhat my ideal as well.

    Athena - wise woman, goddess of wisdom
    Althea - Goddess; with healing power; Grateful Dead song
    Cynthia / Cynthea - moon goddess, epithet of Artemis, would try to call her Thea rather than Cindy as a NN
    Dianthe / Diantha - Divine flower
    Lucinda - Light
    Suzanne - Lily; Leonard Cohen song
    Adamina - child of the red earth
    Amaryllis - blooms in winter; to sparkle
    Danica - morning star
    Cerys - love (prounounced Ker-iss)
    Eira - snow (pronounced Ah-ra)
    Amaya - Night Rain
    Ceridwen - goddess of poetry
    Brigid - goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom
    Iris - Goddess of the rainbow (also the name of my cat so I'm iffy)
    Nina - Grace; Babylonian goddess of the oceans, and an Incan goddess of fire; Nina Simone
    Thea - Goddess ; shining light of the clear blue sky
    Alina - Light
    Yara - Little butterfly
    Lucille / Lucy - Light; Character from Stealing Beauty
    Clara - Bright, Clear
    Hazel - winter blooming tree

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    I definitely prefer your taste in names to his, but.... it sounds like Cynthea nn Thea could be a good way to compromise and both get a name you love!

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    I'm not sure where you live, but my middle name is Hazel and I've never had any teasing! I didn't even know it could be related to a witch...? Whenever I've told my middle name, people have loved it so hopefully, wherever you are, it will be the same story for you.

    As for your name list; Amaya stood out for me straight away. Amaya Hazel sounds really pretty to me.
    I also love Cerys and Athena, which could also get that Thea nickname! To be honest, all of your list has wonderful names so I'm sorry I'm not much help! Just didn't want to read and run, and then had to give my opinion on Hazel.
    Good luck!!
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    I love Danica! Danica Hazel
    Cynthia is lovely too! Cynthia Clare is pretty
    Suzanna Cerys
    Lucy Athena

    A few more common mythological names:
    Lilith (despite the crazy myths around it, means 'of the night' and is beautiful!)
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    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
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    I have NEVER thought that about Hazel...and I use witch hazel regularly as a toner! No, I don't think anybody will tease don't even know what witch hazel is. But your daughter will know, because you will tell her about the tree she was named for (if that's what you choose!). Hazel is also a symbol of reconciliation. Off the top of my head, Holly is another winter-blooming name to consider, but I really love the concept and think maybe a quick Google search for "winter-blooming [plants/trees/flowers/shrubs/etc.]" might lead you to some neat options.

    A name of strength that I just "discovered" is Louise/Louisa, which means "renowned warrior." Madeline/Magdelen[a] means "high tower," which is an image of strength as well. Constance "steadfastness," Selah "rock", Juniper (botanical name and symbol of protection).

    I'm going through my personal names list, and realizing that how you define strength can be so unique to the individual and the circumstances. There's lots of cool war-related names for girls (Louisa, Destry, Corin, Alexandra [another L.C. song!]), or you might define strength as more of a virtue (Constance, Verity, Mercy, wisdom-related names), or you might relate it to how you hope your daughter to provide strength for you (Clara, and your typical "gift from God" names).

    I'm also noticing, for you, a combination of light/dark, which is so potent--especially for a January baby! (at least in the Northern hemisphere). Clara and Lucille/Lucy are great names, but they are essentially the same meaning, so you might find more satisfaction with a name that sets up a little more contrast or depth.
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