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    Thoughts on Willow and a middle name that would work

    We are expecting our third baby in December and I think we are finally getting close to choosing a name. My husband has decided that he loves the name Willow. I really like it but I am not 100% sure. I keep thinking is it just the name of a tree? Is naming my baby Willow any different from naming her Elm or Maple or poplar? Willow does bring back childhood memories of my grandma's house (loved playing in her huge yard with a weeping willow in it)
    Also, is it too popular?
    Will people end up calling her Will? We do NOT want people to call her Will.
    If we go with Willow, what would be a good middle name? I would love to name her after my grandmother but her name is Hilda and I'm not too crazy about the name....

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    Love Willow. It is on my list.

    Something very flowy would work wonderfully with Willow.

    Willow Seraphina
    Willow Aurora
    Willow Genevieve
    Willow Elizabeth
    Willow Alexandra
    Willow Danielle
    Willow Delilah
    Willow Anastasia

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    I love Willow, but if it feels too naturey for you, you might consider Willa, similar sound but get's rid of the 'tree' feeling.

    I would consider something classic for a middle.....

    Willow Catherine
    Willow Margaret
    Willow Alexandra
    Willow Vivienne
    Willow Susannah
    Willow Madeline
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    Thank you for your input! I think I am feeling more sure of Willow but we are still having trouble with a middle name. My grandmother does not have a middle name and neither does my mom. We used my mother in law's middle name for our daughter.
    I feel like a middle name should mean something so I'm not sure where to go from here....

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