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Thread: First kiss

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    First kiss

    Just thought this would be a fun thread to make I'm 17 and never been kissed or even asked out or flirted with I was homeschooled and rather shy so ya only a few not very close friends 2......
    What about you guys ?
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    I was eighteen and it was with the guy I'd been in love with for two years. He was the most popular boy in sixth form, very clever and a very talented actor. I'd hoped he'd like me back as we got to be good friends - despite me being the social outcast, small and not pretty and painfully, awkwardly, in awe of him shy, but then he went to university and I pretty much forgot all about him.

    However, when he came back for Christmas he asked my friend to ask if I'd like to go to the pub for New Year's Eve with them all.

    That night was a dream. He held my hand and we played pool and then as we walked home in the small hours of the morning he stopped and kissed me.

    In complete and jubilant shock I said: 'No one's ever done that to me before.'

    He smiled and kissed me again.

    Nearly ten years later, and with all the bad things and mess that followed, I still can't believe it happened. It's a memory I'll always treasure.
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    I'm not going to count a "kiss" at the age of fourteen with a boy I "dated" for all of two days.

    In more proper terms, I was eighteen when I had my proper first kiss, at university with my now husband's best mate - also, the guy in question was the best man at our wedding, he decided it would be hilarious to bring it up in his best man speech, thankfully it's never bothered my husband and he finds it funny. It was very awkward kiss, wish I could say it was super romantic or something like that but it wasn't: it was during a game of truth or dare (I would like to say in my defence that it wasn't my idea, my more adventurous and more immature roommates forced me!).

    My first kiss with my husband wasn't too romantic either, it was two days later and it was whilst we were drunk. I swear that I'm actually not as much of a partier or somebody with such loose morals as these two stories portray me as, I do actually have a very northern pointing moral compass.

    @ren: your story is super romantic and beautiful!
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    My very first kiss (I don't really count it because I hardly remember) was when I was in kindergarten so I was probably six years old? I don't remember too much other than the boy's name was Trevor and I kicked him afterwards... haha. Not much there.

    My real first kiss was in seventh grade, I was 12. It was with the other guests from my best friend's 13th birthday party and we were at McDonald's after the party. We ordered food and ice cream cones and played spin the bottle with an empty box of chicken nuggets, lol. It was this semi-cute kind of weird guy's turn so he spun the box and the arrow we drew on it pointed to me, so yeah... Nothing romantic whatsoever, just really fast and awkward.
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    I was fourteen when I had my first kiss with the guy who was also my first (and so far only) real boyfriend. We'd only been going out a few months, but we stayed together for almost three years. I really liked him at the time, though it eventually became clear that we just weren't compatible post-high school. I was the top of my class. He was near the bottom of his and didn't seem to have any solid career or university plans.

    I broke up with him when I was seventeen and he was eighteen. It was a hard decision, but I still believe it was the right one. Last I heard, he'd dropped out of community college and was still living with his parents.

    Apparently, I don't have very good taste in men. :lol:
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