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Thread: OOTD Thread

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    Oct 2013
    Sheer floral button up blouse
    White cami
    Light wash denim capris
    Blush colored bow sandals

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    Nov 2013
    A cotton knife pleat white button down shirt under overalls, with a tan trench coat knotted at the waist, tan leather sneakers, a string of my grandmother's pearls and a navy blue cloche. . My happy outfit.

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    Nov 2013
    Tomorrow: black wool trench coat with an oversized white shirt tucked into navy cigarette pants (3/4 length), black patent leather mary janes, a bumble bee brooch and a shearling lined deerstalker. Yes, I am more than mildly obsessed with Sherlock Holmes.

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    This dress...


    and these shoes...

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    Today: I am training all day today for aerials (I usually train 1-2 intense hours per day, but every fortnight, I do a crazy long hard session: 6 hours or so.). So, I am currently wearing my lime green Lorna Jane crop top/ sports bra, and hot pink Lorna Jane shorts, that I wear for calisthenics. After I finish that (1 hour of that), then I swap into black leggings and my green singlet to wear on the silks. I also have to do a costume rehearsal at the end of the day, so I will be wearing a black cutout unitard (it makes me feel like Catwoman!! ) with red glitter eyeliner, gold mascara, gold eyebrows, 1 gold lip and the other one blanked out.

    I've done 4 hours so far (I did 2 hours before breakfast,and 2 hours after), so I am leaving 2 hours for this evening / afternoon, then I am done. Currently, I am wearing my favourite leggings: cream marle, with lace and frills and ribbons, and a grey marle t-shirt. I am not leaving the house today, except to go down to the beach, which I just did, so leggings are the go today .
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