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Thread: OOTD Thread

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    My usual school style is basically something like this (wore this Fri, not exact but pretty darn close)

    With dark brown lace up "combat boots), a long necklace, pearl stud earrings and my hair curled.


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    I like this thread! This is today's outfit - for volleyball and my little sister's soccer game:

    Volleyball Warm-Up Clothes




    Soccer Game Spectator Clothes



    I was wearing the same shoes to the soccer game - and the jeans - they're not the same style, but they're from Hollister though The gray sweatshirt looks identical to that, but it might not be the EXACT same one
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    Fun thread! It's a bit much for me to bother with links for my outfit since I'm using my phone, but today is this (dressed for work):
    Teal cashmere sweater, lilac long sleeve polo shirt, khaki pants, Sperrys (boat shoes), hair down, and a blue and white porcelain pendant necklace made from pottery that was found on the property of my parents historic townhouse. It's my absolute favorite piece of jewelry and I wear it more often than not!

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    And today's outfit...

    Attachment 1766

    (This exact t-shirt)


    Leggings similar to the ones I had on yesterday


    Attachment 1768

    (These exact slippers)


    Just lounging about indoors today, so keeping it comfortable!
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