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    @emsky - Right?? I hadn't heard of it before I was searching for a longer form for Etta, and I was immediately in love. I like Lena and Nola and they sound nice with Zetta, but neither seem quite as "special". Cleo also seems like a perfect fit, but I've never loved the name. I'll think about that one though... Hazel might work. And I guess Mabel could too. I also kind of love it with Pearl. Lots of good suggestions! Thank you.

    @kala_way - I pronounce it just like Etta but with a Z. Your suggestions are very interesting! I hadn't though of Verena, I kind of like it. Your suggestion of Dagny reminded me of Digby, which I think would work really well as a brother for a Zetta. Thanks!

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    hmm, what about Mavis? If you like Mabel and Verena.
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    Zetta has such a spunky sound to it.

    Minnie, short for Minerva, works somehow. Zetta and Minerva feel antique to me, but not the ladylike girls, iykwim. Those wild, bicycle riding tomboys of the era.

    Unfortunately a lot of the names with the same feel for me are very close in sound: Zetta doesn't work with Zelda, Zella, or Xanthe, and only barely with Izora. I really love Izora but nobody's quite sure where it came from, though it was Social Security ranked in the 19th C. It might be from Isidora, possibly?

    Zetta and Kezia! Zetta and Hazel... I'm obviously getting stuck on z's to some extent but it's a huge part of the quirky charm for me.

    Zetta and Vashti
    Zetta and Juno
    Zetta and Coralie - this might be too sweet to pair with Zetta, not sure.
    Zetta and Iris
    Zetta and Cleome (cleo-mee) - Cleomes are a very quirky flower and it's never been widely used as a name but for some reason it has a Victorian eccentric impression. Zetta & Cleo would work too.

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    @kala_way - Mavis is one of those names that in theory, I should like and I would love to see other people use, but I just don't love it for myself. Weird, I know!

    @stripedsocks - Minerva is a good fit! What about just Minnie? Or Millie? Zetta has a bit of a nickname feel to it, so I can see it working with some spunky nicknames like that actually. Cleome is interesting, but it isn't easy to pronounce like Zetta is. But another vote for Cleo! I can definitely see Zetta & Cleo working together.

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    OK, sibling names! Sorry!


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