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Thread: Esther/Ester

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    Ester looks like it's missing a letter. Much prefer Esther. Goes very nicely with Enid.

    Good luck!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Ester would be constantly misspelled, I'd use Aster or Astrid (or even Iris or Isis or Easter) if you want something more snazzy and modern than Esther.
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    Esther is so much nicer. Ester reminds me of A level Chemistry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Esther and Enid only share an initial and the names both sound like they belong to strong and capable women. Cutesy sibsets are more like...Baylie and Bellamy, Kaylie and Shaylie, Riley and Miley, Ella and Stella, Natasha and Sasha, Caytee and Kell and those tacky Kardashian sisters Kimberly, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall (groan)...well, I think you get the picture.
    Ahh.. I see. I do want a strong name if this baby is a girl. I'm so glad I only have to name one right now.
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    Thank you dindlee, kala_way, hanniekitt for your opinions.
    Theodore Arthur

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