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    Missing one of the weekly appointments dangerous?

    Is it dangerous to miss one of the weekly appointments?

    I'm supposed to have 4 appointments left, including today. I just showered and looked at my paper with appointment times and I realized they majorly screwed up my appointment dates. I'm supposed to have one today, the 31st, then again November 7th, 14th, and 21st, but they have me scheduled for November 4th, 7th, 14th, and 21st. They don't open until 8am, so I can't call and try to figure out what's going on yet and if I can be seen today still but now I'm somewhat worried. It makes no sense they would skip my appointment this week and give me two for next week? If they can't see me this week would that be potentially dangerous for the baby?

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    Unless you have a high risk pregnancy, haven't been feeling baby move etc. I don't think it's dangerous. I have had to miss appointments in the past to attend a funeral and because my daughter was unwell.
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    Not a huge deal to miss appointments. Sometimes they have weird hours for holidays or they expect to be shortstaffed (Halloween is a big one for people calling in 'sick') so appointments might be shuffled. I would be surprised if it was really necessary for you to go in on the 4th & the 7th though - if it were me I would just go on the 4th & if everything looks good, plan to go back for my appointment on the 14th. Not that much of a difference from 7 to 10 days - and I think the weekly visits are a bit overkill sometimes anyway.
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