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    @Sodallas - Good, I'm glad I was right about Adelaide! And you'll never guess which school I'm a relief teacher at lol. That's so funny; we probably know a lot of the same people! I wasn't there last year, though, so I don't think we'd ever have met.
    Haha! I went to the one in Paralowie, that's hilarious though!
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    I used to want to go into teaching, too, and I have never had a retail job in my life! It is absolutely not necessary

    Some suggestions:

    Do you have a summer break from school? Be a camp counselor! (I did this for 5 summers from ages 16-19 and 22)

    Work at a daycare or afterschool program

    Work with at-risk teenagers

    That said, I have spent years working with kids and doing social work, and now I'm getting my MBA in Sustainable Business, so you can always change your mind, too!
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    I always wanted to be a teacher growing up but during student teaching I really struggled with behavior management and getting the kids to listen to me. Which if you can't control the classroom then the rest of your teaching skills are pretty much worthless so although I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education I wasn't going to teach. I ended up getting a job a public library working with children. I absolutely loved it! I got to story times, recommend books and answer questions.
    My only job before graduating college was working as a summer camp counselor. It gave me some experience working with kids and was perfect since I only worked during the summer. I also babysat a lot for extra money all year. Now I mostly stay at home with my kids while subbing occasionally at the library however I hope to return eventually once the kids are bigger.
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    You can do jobs in retail that don't involved working with money, I'm not sure how bad your math skills are, but usually at my job you just have to count change.

    Anyway, you could always work in the backroom. These are the people who help unload the truck and open the boxes. They sort through clothes, books, etc (merchandise in general). Then there is working the floor, where you basically stock shelves , hang clothes on racks, manage the dressing rooms, answer phones, etc... No math needed.

    Otherwise there are jobs like working in a library, custodian, secretary, working at an info desk (like in a college dorm), safe ride (driving the car for those who drink, one of my cousin's does this for her college), etc... that shouldn't require too much math. You just have to look and put yourself out there.

    As for teaching, you could apply to be a substitute and try all 3 areas. I have a cousin who recently just got his substitute certification.

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