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Thread: Triplets

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    We are expecting Triplets in March.. Crazy I know. and 3 girls! Daddy is in trouble!!

    the names we have come up with.

    Most are familyish names and we are definitely into the old school/vintage girls names.

    Madelynn Jane (nn. Maddy)
    Adalie (Add-a-lee) Jeanne
    Eleanor Delilah (nn. Lena) Even though I really love Jane with Eleanor too!
    Cora Rosalie

    I'm still not 100% but I just wanted opinions. Thank you!

    our last name is Frye.

    We have other family names we considered as well, Sarah, Ruth, Linda, Charlotte, Olive etc

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    Congrats! Personally, I wouldn't include another n on Madelyn, it seems superfluous. I also am not a fan of Adalie. It seems too much with Madelyn (because nickname would probably end up being. Maddy and Addy...) for Cora Rosalie, I love both names, but the r sounds sound awkward when said out loud. How about Coralie Rose?

    My suggestion overall would be Madelyn Jane, Eleanor Delilah, and Coralie Rose. Maddy, Lena, and Cora!

    Best of luck!

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    Congratulations on the news! I'm a triplet (we're all girls) so my dad is outnumbered too!

    I like Adalie with Delilah actually. I am loving Adair at the minute and they have a similar feel to me, Adair Lily nn Adalie would be very cool! Nice choice of names overall though.

    As a trio I like:
    Adair, Cordelia and Olive
    Ruth, Madeline and Cora
    Adair, Appoline and Aurora
    Adair, Madeline and Elinor X
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    Name lists still under construction

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    Madelynn Jane and Adalie Jeanne are just too close for sisters, and especially as two of triplets. Also too similar to Amanda Lynn.

    Overall nice names and you can create a lot of pretty combinations with them.

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    Congrats to you on your triplets. Madelynn and Adalie are too matchy as are Eleanor and Cora. These names would work well for a sister trio.

    Charlotte, Rosalie and Madeleine
    Charlotte, Eleanor and Madeleine
    Charlotte, Eleanor and Rosalie
    All the best,

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