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Thread: Darcy?

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    Loving Darcy for a boy, but not sure on middles. I think it's too masculine for a little girl though.

    Which middle names would you pair with Darcy?
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    lawsonhaley I knew we were name besties! Haha your style is one of the most similar to mine I've seen on Nameberry. I LOVE Darcy- as you can see from my signature, it's one of my favourite names and Mr. Darcy one of my favourite characters. Fitzwilliam is dashing too

    Darcy Tristan
    Darcy Cedric
    Darcy Peregrine
    Darcy Oliver
    Darcy Alexander
    Darcy Maximillian
    Darcy Remington (I know this makes some people think of guns, but I think of Remington typewriters- I love typewriters)
    Darcy Sebastian
    Darcy Theodore
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    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    Darcy Oliver and Darcy Alexander are gorgeous! I definitely think our styles are the most alike
    ♕ H & J ♔ ~ 07.07.18
    Makayla ♕ Madison ♕ Lauren ♕ Desiree // Daniel ♔ Aaron ♔ Michael ♔ Patrick

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    Darcy was a popular name for girls where I was growing up. I graduated with a few and there were several others. So this name is all girl to me.

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    I like Darcy Laine but it sounds too gender neutral for you.

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