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Thread: Vbac?

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    Hello fellow mommies,
    Well I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby #2! I had my first. Dr. Appt last night and we discussed everything including my choice for a VBAC or a C-section this time around as I had an emergency csection last pregnancy. Last time, baby failed to progress after hours of labor, so he says I am a good candidate to try vaginally again since I was fully dilated and baby moved almost all the way down before. But then he told me some of the risks involved and it freaked me out! I really don't want another c-section, especially with a two year old at home to keep up with. Anyone out there have a similar predicament or had VBAC experience? Any advice or thoughts would help!
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    I was in the same situation as you - my son was born (after 25 hours of labor) by emergency c-section. I opted for a c-section with my daughter, because I was freaked out over the risks of vbac. The c-section went well, but I would say it took more time for me to get back on my feet the second time around.
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    Thanks for sharing kyemsma. I just hate the thought of that surgery again. Anyone else have VBAC?
    mommy to harper kay ~ 2010
    # 2 on the way! little boy is due july 2, 2014

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    What was it that scared you about VBAC? A couple of facts for you, approx 75%-80% of women opting for VBAC will have a successful vaginal delivery. If you are planning on more babies its probably the best option because having lots of c-sections can increase your chance of a uterine rupture (where the old scars open up - almost always fatal for baby) and the chance of a problem with the placenta where it implants into the old scar sites. I think women opting for VBAC is 50%, so there's no right answer. It depends on what you want. If you do opt for c-section bear in mind if you go into labour yourself and turn up at the hospital fully dilated/crowning etc they may not be able to give you your c-section, and the same goes for VBAC- things may not progress again.

    Hope that helps

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    I had a VBAC at the end of July.

    Like you, my first labour ended with an emergency c-section. I also made it to fully dilated and spent over 2 hours pushing before being wheeled down the corridor for surgery.

    I spent most of my 2nd pregnancy trying to decide if I wanted to VBAC, or have a second c-section. The big thing holding me back was that after my c-section, the surgeon actually said to me (and its in my notes from the labour) that I have a narrow pelvic outlet and that she'd reccommend c-sections for subsequent deliveries. However, I also knew from my labour notes that Leo had turned directly posterior, and that his head was likely deflexed (chin up instead of tucked to chest) as well as asynclitic (tilted to the side). He also had a big head (still does - although he's growing into it now!) and was in the high 90th percentile for head circumference.

    I decided that I'd do all I could to get baby #2 into a good position (LOA being the goal!), my midwife also arranged for me to have a few scan late in my 3rd trimester to check growth and positioning, these scans were followed up by discussions with the OBs at the hospital.

    I wanted a VBAC because:
    - I didn't want major surgery
    - I wanted to be able to pick up my toddler afterward (you're advised not to lift anything heavier than your baby in the weeks following the section - but you know that already!)
    - I wanted immediate skin to skin & breastfeeding opportunity
    - I was really uncomfortable with the date of birth being scheduled rather than the baby "choosing" his own birthday (I know this one might seem odd to some people and that induction is effectively the same thing, but it just didn't sit right with me).
    - I needed to be able to drive sooner than the recommended wait of 6 weeks

    I'm not sure how helpful to you this ramble is actually! Feel free to PM me if you want to ask any specifics
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