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    Ava Evangeline, Ava Rue, Ava Eloise....and love the above suggestion of Ava Pearl!
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    I really like Ava Leonie and Ava Scarlett!

    (also, I love Ava as a name and I have only ever known 1 in my whole life)
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    My first thought was Ava June.

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    I love the combo Ava Josephine!! It's cute, it will age well, feminine, and it has a cute nickname of AJ!

    Others are:
    Ava Marie
    Ava Belle
    Ava Henriette
    Ava Lenore
    Ava Celeste
    Ava Lucille
    Ava Leona
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    Quote Originally Posted by angiemif View Post
    Thanks everyone! These are all such wonderful ideas for middle names, great suggestions.

    The only problem with a lot of them is that my husband doesn't like them, too. For example, I LOVED Ava Florence, but he thought it was too "nanna". So, Hubby and I have come up with a list together; some from your suggestions and others we've found on different baby name websites. What is your favorite out of the following list?

    Ava Leonie
    Ava Maisie
    Ava Scarlett
    Ava Violet (this one is kind of cute because violet is the flower of February, when she's due)
    Ava Maggie
    Ava Belle
    Ava Adele

    FYI, our last name begins with an 'M' and has two syllables.

    From your list, my favorites are Ava Scarlett and Ava Violet! The idea of having her "birth flower" in her name is very sweet. Ava Belle could also be really cute; both names are short enough that you could even call her by her first and middle, which could be helpful in distinguishing her from other Avas if that becomes an issue.

    I think Maisie and Maggie--though adorable-- aren't the best fit because they're both heavy on the long a sound like Ava.

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