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    A spunky middle name for Ava?

    Picking a girl's name has been so much more difficult than my husband and I first anticipated. I feel like choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make!

    Ava is by far the name that we love the most at the moment. I like that it's short, feminine, sweet and can't possibly be misspelled. We have a surname that is very hard to spell, so we wanted to keep her first name as simple as possible.

    I think we've resigned ourselves to the fact that Ava will possibly be a common name amongst other girls her age, but I guess it's popular for a reason?! There definitely aren't any Ava's amongst our family, friends, work colleagues or acquaintances, so that reassures me.

    We also love the "old-lady" feel that Ava has, without being too crazy and out there. We have already picked a boy's name for possible future use, Oscar. We both LOVE this name, and I think Ava works well with the "old-man" style that Oscar brings. If we had a second girl, I think Elsie would be our choice and would also suit Ava nicely.

    However, in the spirit of trying to be a little bit different, I guess my next question is what middle name would be a quirky option, that would give her name more of a twist??? Our first thought was to go with Ava Grace. Beautiful, but I know how common this combination is.

    So, to all you helpful people out there, any suggestions for a middle name? In keeping with my current tastes and in a bid to give her name consistency, I'd love it to be a bit "old lady chic". I don't mind if it has one, two or three syllables - all will work with our surname. Thanks a bunch

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    Ava is lovely! I also love Oscar
    Spunky/old lady chic:
    Ava Clementine
    Ava Beatrice/Ava Beatrix
    Ava Cordelia
    Ava Genevieve (too many 'v' sounds?)
    Ava Felicity
    Ava Penelope
    Ava Helena
    Ava Juliette
    Ava Georgiana
    Ava Emmeline
    Ava Hermione
    Best of luck! Hope you like some of these.

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    With Ava I like the idea of something unexpected in the middle. My first thought was Ava Clementine, but I see Jem already suggested it so I second Ava Clementine! Other ideas
    Ava Rosemarie
    Ava Glorianna
    Ava Mercy
    Ava Rosamund
    Ava Verity
    Ava Fidelia
    Ava Felicity
    Ava Rosamund
    Ava Wren
    Ava Magnolia
    Ava Scarlett
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    Ava Louise has a spunky, old-lady-chic flow.

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