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    Question Augustine for a girl?

    I am aware that Augustine is a male name. But I have personally never met anyone called Augustine before... and to me the name sounds decidedly female. Maybe it's the 'tine' ending - reminds me of Christine, Clementine, Justine etc

    Anyway my question is a simple one. Would you shudder at the thought of someone naming a baby girl 'Augustine'? If yes, can you think of any alternatives (other than Augusta which I think places too much emphasis on the hard 'G' and sounds too harsh for a little girl)

    If it makes any difference I am from New Zealand, where it would be rare to find even a boy named this...

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    Augustine is the name of two prominent MALE saints (Augustine of Canterbury and Augustine of Hippo). It's been chosen for either gender but the English pronunciations are different ("aw-GUS-tin" for a male or "AW-gus-teen" for a female. There are also French and German pronunciations for the name). I've also seen the Augusteen spelling for girls but I don't find it very pretty at all.
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    I have always though of it as a boys name, but it does have a sort of feminine vibe to it. I think it would be wonderful to meet a little girl named Augustine. Some people might think it is strange, but its your daughter, and I am sure she will be thankful you didn't give her a name that everyone else has. There was always at least two other girls with the same name in all of my classes and it was really annoying. Also its a unique name but a name everyone has heard before, so I am sure she would not have to spell it for everyone. It is a very sweet name, that I think could grow with her from childhood, into adulthood. It is a proud name that has a little bit of spunk for a little girl. I say go for it!

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    Augustina would be more obviously feminine, but Augustine works for me on a both genders as well.
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    I know Augustine is a male name, but it sounds all girl to me. I know one guy named Augustus, a much "manlier" form of this name in my opinion.
    I like Augustine for a girl! I definitely would not shudder meeting a little girl named Augustine.
    If you want even more female emphasis, Augustina is another option.
    But ultimately, if you like it, go for it!!!!!!!
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