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Thread: Helpppp!

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    I want your opinion on these names!

    Landon Michael Carson Burr
    Logan Daniel James Burr

    Mackenzie Ann Elizabeth Burr
    Kennedy Rachel Annette Burr

    Which do you love, hate, like? Options for middle names? I want two middles! Thanks!!!
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    I'm going to move this to the baby names section, where it belongs.
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    For the boys my vote goes to:
    Logan Daniel James Burr, It has a better flow and I like that it has some different syllabic counts. (where as the Landon combo all have two syllables). Plus I love the name Logan.

    For the girls my vote goes to:
    Kennedy Rachel Annette Burr. Personally it was the Annette that won me over. I love it's vintage spunk
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    None of the names are my personal style, but that's not to say I hate them.

    The two I like best are:

    Logan Daniel James and Kennedy Rachel Annette

    Do you have reasons for choosing these names or are they just names that you love?

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    I like Landon better as a first name. Despite what first name you chose, I think one of the middles should be James. I think three 2 syllable names in a row sounds a bit like a chant, but having the one syllable James in there breaks it up a little bit. So that being said, I like Landon Michael James.

    I used to like the name Kennedy a lot, but now I'm not so sure. It might be too masculine for me. So I like Mackenzie Ann Elizabeth. Have you thought about Mackenzie Elizabeth Ann? I think it flows better that way
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