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    Hespera all the way, but Hesperia is breathtaking as well
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    Thanks you two.

    Here's the update, as promised. We had a talk last night, and again this morning and we took off all the names Husband's uncomfortable with. Why keep a name he's not 100% crazy about when the list is still long and full without them? Some of my favourites are off because of this, but it's fine. Naming a child is a compromise after all.

    This is what we're left with:

    And a newbie. We watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows last night, and after we were done Husband said "why isn't Narcissa on our list?". Good question. I don't know why, I know she's been suggested before and I've just not considered her. Narcissa's brilliant! It combines Nausicaa, Nerissa and Cissea, it's got a Greek mythology reference, a botanical one, it's a saint, and it's one of my favourite Harry Potter characters. So, this is our new addition. Narcissa. I feel like this baby could very well be a Narcissa.

    The reason Morgana's off the list is that this baby doesn't feel like one. I've already got my perfect Morgana combo so if baby pops out and proves to be one, all is fine.

    Ceridwen's off because Husband decided he didn't want a major Goddess name. Same for Morrigan.

    Tinuviel's off because, well, Husband never came around to her completely. She's less namey than the others, and he's not as big a Tolkien fan as I am, so I get his hesitations. I'm not going to bully him into a name he doesn't want.

    And that leaves a top eight. I'd like it to be a top seven, but what can you do.
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    I love Narcissa. I know one too! She goes by Sissy.

    I'd order them as such:

    Éowyn -- She's very perfect
    Sylvestra -- So wintery and beautiful
    Narcissa -- Of the 2 HP names, I like her better.
    Bellatrix -- But Trixie's a close one here ^_^
    Desdemona -- I just love the name and Dita and Dessy ^_^

    These other, you know I think their better as middles.

    Circe -- She's just so rhymey and small and makes a marvelous middle (as I've said (and others) many times :P) Eowyn Circe Ondine or something like that. She would go so well with Eowyn. Eowyn is soft and sweet and Circe brings some bad ass in there.

    Pandora -- She's flops around so much on your list that I think she'd do better in the middle. Eowyn Lilje Pandora. She's like Circe, she brings some velvet and bad ass to the softer names

    This one I would cut:

    Ourania -- If you want a top 7, I'd cut this one. She has an awkward sound, she doesn't sound good with Dita and I just think all the others (even the ones I prefer in the middle) are much better than this one. Sorry -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Narcissa is an interesting choice. Roo and Sis would be cute. Have you ever heard of Narcissa Whitman? She was a missionary in the American west. I think her methods and motivations weren't great and she met a messy end, but she was the first white woman to cross the Rocky Mountains, so that takes some guts. Anyway- here's a brief bio, if you're interested:
    Under construction...

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    Yay for 100% love! Sad to see Nuvi go, of course, but I get it!

    Rankings for your top 8:

    Circe - I have always loved this name for you and I think it is the perfect little sister name for Dita.

    Pandora - ditto above, but I think Circe is just a teensy-weensy bit more pefect

    Desdemona - I like its rhythm and length, and of course Shakespearean names are awesome

    Éowyn - Definitely associated with LOTR at this point- gorgeous name but I don't think it is quite as striking as big sister's name

    Bellatrix - Again, a lovely choice, I think it is not quite as epic as others.

    Sylvestra - I want to like this but for some reason it just doesn't seem to work. Might just be me

    Ourania - I love the meaning but I am not a fan of the way it sounds

    Narcissa - It's a perfectly lovely name, I'm just not liking it.
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