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    You already know how i feel about most of your mentioned names, so I'm just gonna sort the new ones (for me, surely not for you) in my mind into your desired groups. I am a junior in this league, so forgive me if I'm getting it all wrong. I am putting them in groups based on the imagery I get from the names, not from their history or mythology!

    Underwater girl:

    Celestial girl:
    Bellatrix- as a child SO obsessed with HP my family made me a song about it- I would say it's useable. She is way more complex that people give her credit for and I actually kind of admire her (in a twisted way) for her bravery, loyalty and power. (I do need go get over the fact that she killed Sirius, before I can use it myself, but that's my battle)

    Seafaring girl:

    Mountain girl:
    Arachne (I can't use it cause my phobia is crippling, but the name and history is really attractive, imo. Maybe weird with Aphrodite?)

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    Aurora - as much as adore Aurora, I think this one is to "mainstream" for you.
    Bellatrix - aren't you my fellow HP fan? I love Bellatrix too (it's on the top of my GP list). It's one of the most beautiful name, and also a star in Orion, which is a major bonus point. However, I want to read Harry Potter to my future kids and I'm afraid they won't like the connection. That's why I'm not sure about Bellatrix.
    Clemency - I LOVE Clemency. Not next to Aphrodite though.. Everyone will think about the word, the virtue, but not the Roman goddess.
    Cosima* - pretty.
    Éowyn - most awesome literary character of all time, I agree.
    Heleyne - I really like this, prefer it in the middle though..
    Libertas - nope.
    Nyneve - pretty, for middle.
    Nyx - same as above.
    Ondine - I love the connection (to aquarius, I think it's cute), but I guess it works better in the middle.
    Rossetti - beautiful. Would get confused for Rosetta though.
    Soraya – I like it, but not love it.
    Tellervo - it's an interesting name. Very pretty. I love how it sounds but next to Aphrodite.
    Tempestas/Tempest - ah.. no.

    Alcyone/Halcyone - not sure
    Atalanta - pretty, but I think you want to avoid A names?
    Briseis - I can see the appeal, but overall I'm neutral.
    Callisto - Lovely Callisto.
    Cassandra - I like it.
    Hippolyta/Ippolita - I strongly dislike any Hippo names.
    Hypatia - dislike
    Isis - a bit sad when you eliminate this one, actually.
    Melusine - love it.
    Ostara - prefer it as a middle.
    Pandora - such a strong, pretty name. But I'm not a fan of -doraa names in general, so..
    Polyhymnia - I strongly dislike any Poly names, sorry.
    Rhiannon - plain next to Aphrodite.
    Ursula - don't really see the appeal.
    Vespertine - beautiful.

    Leucthea - it looks weird to my eyes, sorry.
    Morrigan - I know Morrigan, not my favourite. Much prefer Morgana.
    Nedusia - Nedusia's very pretty, but I prefer Athene herself (though not with Dita).
    Orseis - middle, I think.
    Venelia - not sure.
    Zinelor - nope.
    Zohreh - nope.

    Some (random) suggestion:
    Themis, Amalthea, Eupraxia, Arethusa, Orithyia, Cassiopeia, Cliodhna, Cybele, Felicitas, Hermione, Stanislava..

    ps: Glad I'm not the only one who love Jezebel.
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    Names we love that we haven't considered as firsts before but might deserve a bump:
    Aurora - I love this as a middle name, but it feels a little too... well, plain for you.
    Bellatrix - I actually prefer this as a middle name, just because of the Harry Potter connection. Plus, I'm not a fan of Bell, Bella, or Trixie as nns...
    Clemency - This is actually quite cool. I think it's much more interesting than Clementine.
    Cosima* - Love! This makes me think of the stars and cosmos. Very refined and interesting.
    Éowyn - Nms.
    Heleyne - My only issue with this would be that people might frequently mispronounce it. I do love it as a middle name, though.
    Libertas - I love this as a middle name... although Libby could be a cute nn.
    Nyneve - Love! Actually makes me think of King Arthur on Monty Python's Holy Grail... lol...
    Nyx - A bit too abrupt. It doesn't give a lot of nn options, except Nyxie. I'd prefer it as a mn.
    Ondine - Also prefer this as a mn... It reminds me of "undies"
    Rossetti - This would be a very interesting name! I love the idea of Etti as a nn. I think of the colour plum... not sure why...
    Soraya – Okay, I'm obviously biased, but I love, love, love this name. If Soren wasn't our top boys name, I'd use this for a girl. I think of an extremely dignified and beautiful woman... like a human rights activist, or an artist who is also involved politically.
    Tellervo - Makes me think of "Tell her, Vo." This might be better as a mn.
    Tempestas/Tempest - I would think she should be a very moody girl...

    Names we have considered before but somehow didn't make it:
    Alcyone/Halcyone- My friend's wife has this name (Alcyone)... she's Brazilian. I think it's a wonderful name that strikes the right balance of familiar and unique.
    Atalanta- I have a hard time training myself not to say Atlanta.
    Briseis- I think of a Jewish 'bris', or circumcision ceremony.
    Callisto- I like this, but prefer Callista.
    Cassandra- Nice, but not unique enough... better as a mn.
    Hippolyta/Ippolita- Hippo? No.
    Hypatia- Also makes me think of a hippo.
    Isis- Love! A short name that packs a punch.
    Melusine- Sounds like a medication.
    Ostara- Makes me think of ostrakchi, Turkish for "one who farts"
    Pandora- Just never liked this.
    Polyhymnia- Hymen.
    Rhiannon- A nice name, but so normal... better as a mn.
    Ursula- Villain in the Little Mermaid.
    Vespertine- Love! It has an almost haunting sound...

    Names we haven't (seriously) considered before:
    Leucthea - Not even sure where to start with pronouncing this...
    Morrigan - I love the sound, but not the meaning.
    Nedusia - Don't like the sound.
    Orseis - Not sure how to pronounce it.
    Venelia - Venereal.
    Zinelor - I bit too much for me.
    Zohreh - I like it, but prefer Zenobia.

    Names I like but I wouldn't name a child (I think, but who knows):
    Cassieardolla -Not a fan.
    Esmeralda - I really disliked the Hunchback... so this is a bit hard for me to like...
    Jezebel - Although I love the sound, I think she has too negative of a cultural connotation.
    Medusa - It would be a bit unfair to name a daughter Medusa.

    If you use Fantasia, I will laugh... As it's my maiden name, it's all surname to me (even though I realize it's not to other people). I always wanted my brother to name a daughter Anastasia Malaysia Fantasia. So, I'll throw it out there... you could have a Fantasia Anastasia Malaysia. Just kidding.
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    Oh, Cosima! Ottilie, you have no idea how happy I am to see her on your list As evident by my signature, I really, really, really love Cosima and I think she sounds lovely with Roo. It's just such a beautiful name. My definite favourite of all the ones you have listed *crossing fingers and hoping that your husband will approve of it*

    The names I love the most from all four categories (pardon me for including #2 and #4 names as well, I couldn't help it):
    Bellatrix: Sure, a lot of people are going to connect this to HP, but is that really so bad? Bellatrix Lestrange is one of my favourite HP characters, I think she's really interesting. Dark and a little bit of a maniac ("or dear Bellatrix, who likes to play with her food before she eats it"), but I think there's a lot of depth to her and though I'm totally biased because I love her so much, I think she's one of those characters who Jo Rowling should totally write a separate book about. A book on Bellatrix's life would be amazing. Besides, it's a beautiful name and it's not like Jo made it up for HP, as you mentioned it's the name of a star (which is pretty cool for a namesake)
    Éowyn: As you said so perfectly yourself, the most awesome literary charater of all time. It's one of the more popular Tolkien names and most people should be able to know where it's from, but I think that its beauty and the badassery of the character totally makes up for that. Also, Winnie!
    Heleyne: I'm really not fond of Helene (a perfect example of how Danish pronunciation of names can ruin things completely), but Heleyne is really beautiful. It sounds so bright and golden (if that makes sense).
    Soraya: Has the same kind of vibe as Zenobia has, it would sound lovely with Roo's name and Queen Soraya would be a terrific namesake.
    Alcyone: Sounds very magical to me, but then there's the A thing which I totally understand.
    Briseis: I still not quite certain how to pronounce this, but if it's pronounced like I pronounce it in my head, it's gorgeous. I also like how it looks.
    Hypatia: There's basically no better namesake than Hypatia - she was the epitome of a badass woman. And it's a beautiful name as well.
    Isis: I have loved this name ever since I read some book about Isis and Osiris when I was like twelve and I think she would be lovely with Roo's name. Wikipedia says that the original Egyptian pronunciation of this was "Iset" and that really intrigues me, even though the usual pronunciation is beautiful as well.
    Ostara: It's so beautiful *sigh* I also love Ēostre.
    Pandora: So mystical and magical. I like it a lot.
    Vespertine: Though I admittedly prefer Vespera, I think Vespertine is ravishing as well.
    Venelia: This sounds very spring-y. Fresh and bright.
    Jezebel: I love this one though I know she's on your wouldn't-use list and that the biblical Jezebel wouldn't be a particularly flattering namesake. It sounds beautiful, it looks beautiful. Have you seen the 1938 film Jezebel with Bette Davis and Henry Fonda? That is Bette Davis-acting at its finest. I love that film.

    I'm also very intrigued by:
    Tellervo: I think this would be such a great middle.
    Morrigan: Again, probably too much of a middle name material, but it's beautiful all the same.
    Zohreh: This is beautiful. Somewhat in style with Soraya. I really like it.
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    Okay so you have the best baby naming style ever. You win. I bow down to you! I just love everything about your list! Names that I think are real winners are:
    Clemency- I mean come on. How much better can you get
    Aurora- Great name and you get Rory out of it. And I have an undying love for Gilmore Girls so I love this.
    Eowyn- Please YES! And you get the ever so cute nn of Winnie
    Ondine- This feels hauntingly beautiful
    Pandora- I have always loved this, and I think that it takes someone brave to use this. I think you are that brave women so for gosh sakes use it. I love the nn Andie!
    Soraya- Love this. Love the reason why you love this. Also I love how it fits with your boy names. Great name and something a little girl could grow up with!

    Pairings I like:
    Soraya Heleyne Jezebel- Flows like the Nile!
    Clemency Rhiannon Aurora- What a beaut!
    Ondine Tellervo Alcyone- Another gorgeous bunch.

    I would love your help for name suggestions. You have a great style and I feel like you have so much knowledge about mythical and historic names! If name berry gave out awards you would win all of them!

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