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    Cair Paravel :)
    I always feel at a total loss when I look at your posts--it almost feels daunting for my more simplistic taste. So I admire from a far. I just wanted to stop by to say I really love Aurora and Cosima, and could totally see you with either! I feel like it's more common than your usual taste, but they're lovely anyhow. I keep thinking of Aurora Eva Felicity or Cosima Eva Felicity (och, I so love Aurora Eva Felicity!), and that way you could use either Evie OR Liss. I kind of don't really see you going in that direction, but eh. Oh, well. I think they're gorgeous. I like Tempest because it reminds me of Shakespeare. I think Tess would be a pretty fab nn for it, too.

    And och, if your children look like the girls in those photos, they'll be absolute dolls. (Can I just say I can see Aurora Eva Felicity fitting all of those adorable beauties?)
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    Its been way too long since I've sunk my teeth into one of your enchanting lists! I've been somewhat absent from NB for a while so I'm sad to see Pandora is no longer really up for grabs, but you have some beautiful new gems here

    Aurora - Very beautiful and one of my own favourites, but I think this is a little bit too mainstream for you. A middle name, perhaps?
    Bellatrix - Gorgeous. Bonus points for adorable nicknames Bella and Trixie, and of course, the cool HP connection.
    Clemency - I quite like the simplicity of this but its a little but lispy to my ears. It doesn't wow me like Aphrodite does.
    Cosima* - Very beautiful.
    Éowyn - Not a fan, far too similar to the uber popular male Owen/Eoin. An uneducated eye would assume you had gone done the trendy boys-name-on-a-girl route.
    Heleyne - My favourite for you.
    Libertas - I don't like this, it doesn't feel very name-ish to me.
    Nyneve - You'll run into spelling/pronunciation issues with this. If that isn't an issue, its a beautiful sound.
    Nyx - A spell in HP and also a make up brand in the US. I can't take this seriously as a name, because its what Amelie called her undergarments until she was about 3. Too insubstantial for my liking.
    Ondine - A bit bland, not very exciting or feminine.
    Rossetti - Would get confused for Rosetta. Also looks to surnamey for my liking.
    Soraya – Very whimsical, I love the sound. Not totally in love with the spelling but I can't come up with an alternative that doesn't look trendy.
    Tellervo - I'm meh on this one. I like the rhythm of the name but it just doesn't look very namey to me. If I saw it written down I wouldn't guess it was the name of a little girl.
    Tempestas/Tempest - I don't like this at all, I'm afraid!

    Names we have considered before but somehow didn't make it:
    Alcyone/Halcyone - The first time I saw this name I thought "cyclone". Now I cannot unsee cyclone, so this one is a no from me. Sorry.
    Atalanta - Very lovely.
    Briseis - This is okay, a little choppy and harsh, but not the worst. There are far nicer names on your list.
    Callisto - I would much rather Callista. Callisto does nothing for me.
    Cassandra - Very nice though a tad middle aged. I think of the Seer from HP.
    Hippolyta/Ippolita - The first four letters spell HIPPO. Automatic veto from me, way too much teasing potential.
    Hypatia - It looks a little bit clinical to me, like a part of the periodic table or something. Its okay, but I don't love it.
    Isis - Love, love, love!
    Melusine - Musical, rhythmic, magical, whimsical..I really like this for you.
    Ostara - Very pretty, though not in love with the strong "O" at the start.
    Pandora - My very favourite for you.
    Polyhymnia - I don't like the look of this written down at all, it looks choppy. Love the sound, though.
    Rhiannon - Okay. A little bit common. Too mainstream for you, I think.
    Ursula - Not an attractive name, imo. Too harsh.
    Vespertine - This is okay.

    Names we haven't (seriously) considered before:
    Leucthea - I don't like the look of this aesthetically. Sorry, I'm just very into how a name looks written down and this just isn't pleasing to the eye.
    Morrigan - This is nice, though a bit surnamey. I've also only ever seen it spelled Morrighan, so not entirely sure on you spelling.
    Nedusia - Not liking this one, I'm afraid.
    Orseis - Very gutteral to my ears, not liking this one.
    Venelia - I saw vanilla when I first read it. I now cannot unsee Vanilla, so another one nixed from me. Sorry
    Zinelor - I don't like this one either!
    Zohreh - Very lovely. I prefer the spelling Zorah, but I think that is an Arabic name.

    So in all, my favourites are Bellatrix, Heleyne, Atalanta, Isis, Melusine, Pandora and Morrighan.

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    Some new lovelies for you to consider:


    Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Alice Tallulah, Polly Matilda, Rosalie Faye, Lucy Annabel, Maya Lillian, Hazel Kate, Eva Blossom, Juliet Lila, Ivy Camille.
    Charles Joshua "Charlie", Theodore Samuel "Teddy", Elliott Daniel, Noah Zachary, James Oscar, Arthur Philip, Rowan Isaac.

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    My favourites are: Bellatrix, Cosima, Nyneve, Callisto, Ostara, Esmeralda and Jezebel. Cosima and Esmeralda by far my favourites they feel so magical and beautiful.

    The only suggestion I could think of that fits your style is Callidora (similar to Cassieardolla) meaning gift of beauty in greek, and has the nn Dora?

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    OK before I tackle the new list, I simply must ask: why is Isolde not here? I haven't been able to keep up on so many of your posts, but you love her so much, and have for such a long there a reason she's not up for first name consideration?

    Another thing I'm wondering, is what kind of "feel" are you going for this time? I noticed several ocean themes in your descriptions, so I'm wondering if you're considering blue-green ocean names again (which reminds me, what about Nerissa?), or if you're still on ice and snow, or if you're looking for golden names (like Aurora)...or do you know? Are you trying for sets of several different themes?

    Is everything all wrong because you don't have wolf names?

    One last thing...if Eowyn is the most epic literary heroine ever...why is she not already on your list of finals? What's holding you back?

    EDIT: Okay, I thought of another last thing: Valentina, or a variation on it? Bunny is expected so close to Valentine's day...

    EDIT THE SECOND: Really, this is the last thing. I think. Casiphia? It was in a recent blog, it's a Biblical place name, maybe not the history you're looking for, but it's ever so pretty...
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