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    A New Start: Finding The One

    Here we go again. Three months + a few days until due date and I'm a bit nervous about my list. As some of you know Husband's feelings regarding the names we like go up and down, so at the moment our list is blank to me. He has in the past changed his mind about Ceridwen and Tinúviel, Sylvestra is so new I don't trust his fondness for this name quite yet and I feel weird when I say Morgana to Baby Bunny. So I need a few more names, ideally three-four as it drives me crazy not to have the same amount of girl and boy names (which annoys me more than it does you). And these lists are not Husband approved, he isn't very interested in talking names right now, but I cannot wait.

    I've put the names into four categories. The first and the third category are the ones I imagine we will find the names in. The second category we've been through before. I included the fourth category in case anyone wants to give us suggestions as these names all have sounds I like.

    What I'm looking for: a name I love as much as my boy names; Casimir, Endymion, Galileo, Orpheus, Romulus, Théoden and Ulysses. Galileo Hector Eärendil; this name makes me blissfully happy, it feels shiny and precious and utterly beautiful, and I want that for a girl name as well. I want a name that feels like the one. One thing I know Husband doesn’t like is names that feel choppy or unfinished. Deianira for example, which I love, he feels is too random. I would prefer to avoid another Greek name, but there are so many goods one I can’t resist.

    I adore cute nicknames, and I know I can use whatever nn I want, but names that lend themselves easily to Evie, Pom, Polly, Sadie, Sally, Winnie, Wendy, Lussi, Liss, Rosie, Nussi, etc, that would be lovely.


    Names we love that we haven't considered as firsts before but might deserve a bump:
    Aurora - Roman Goddess of the dawn
    Bellatrix - The Amazon Star
    Clemency - Roman Goddess of mercy
    Cosima* - feminine version of the name of Cosimo I de ‘Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and patron of the arts
    Éowyn - best most awesome literary character of all time
    Heleyne - a medieval name, a half way between Elaine and Helena; The Lady of Shallot and Helen of Troy
    Libertas - Roman Goddess of liberty
    Nyneve - The Lady of the Lake in Arthurian romance
    Nyx - Greek Goddess of the night
    Ondine - water spirits, means wave which ties it nicely to Baby's zodiac sign Aquarius
    Rossetti - surname of one of our favourite painters Dante Gabriel Rossetti
    Soraya – an early 20th century Queen (consort) of Afghanistan, she was very influential and a feminist. Persian for the Pleiades
    Tellervo - (one of the) Finnish Goddess(es) of the forest
    Tempestas/Tempest - Roman Goddess of storms

    Names we have considered before but somehow didn't make it:

    Names we haven't (seriously) considered before:
    Leucothea - Greek Sea Goddess
    Morrigan - Irish Goddess of battles and death. “Phantom Queen
    Nedusia - epithet of Athene
    Orseis - Nymph and ancestor to the Greeks
    Venelia - Roman nymph connected to waves and wind
    Zinelor - Slavic name for Aradia, the witch Goddess
    Zohreh - Persian name for the planet Venus

    Names I like but I wouldn't name a child (I think, but who knows):
    Cassieardolla - I don't know anything about this name, I'm not even sure it is a name.
    Esmeralda - I'm not a huge Hunchback fan so it would feel weird, but it's green and sparkling like an emerald lace and velvet dress.
    Jezebel - worried about MiL's and my mother's reactions, but I love the haunting beauty and it kind of sounds like golden bells.
    Medusa - would be slightly mean methinks, but I like the sound. Medusa. Sounds like something dark and delicious underwatery.

    These are photos that makes me go oh-my-GOODNESS-this-is-what-our-daughters-will-look-like-as-small-children:
    one - two- three - four
    (one and two are based on Roo's looks, three is basically what Husband looked like as a child (he looked like a girl), four is a good blend)

    *pretty sure this one will be added to my list unless Husband says no
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    Here's my thoughts:

    First list:

    Aurora -- I know there's been several times you've said you (or your husband) didn't want another A, so I'd rule it out just for that. Plus I love her as a middle with Nuvi
    Bellatrix -- As long as you're not worried about HP references, this is my favorite of this list. It's strong, amazing sound, good nicknames, sounds great with Dita. Are you worried it sets you up to follow the alphabet? A, B, C?
    Clemency -- I think she works great as a middle when you find the right first but is so odd next to Aphrodite. Most people won't think goddess, they'll think it's just a word. Then you have "word name and goddess" or to some people "word name (read trendy) and goddess (read interesting)"
    Cosima* -- I just don't personally like it so I don't have much to say that isn't biased. I don't like the sound together either
    Éowyn -- I think this one sounds amazing next to Dita, is a strong woman like Dita and is Tolkien. It has all the things I've sen you ask for. And it has Winnie
    Heleyne -- It's beautiful and I like how it sounds with Dita, but prefer it in the middle
    Libertas -- again, very harsh to me next to Dita
    Nyneve -- much much prefer Niniane and even Nimue over this one. I find it a bit awkward
    Nyx -- I find this WAY too short and harsh next to Dita (unlike Isis, which was a good sort of short). She'd be better as a nickname for Nixea which is just an alternate form of Nixie and gives you a fairy connection and the nicknames Nixie and Nyx.
    Ondine -- It's beautiful, but it works so amazing in the middle with so many of your combos. I think it sounds fine with Dita, I just can't find good nicknames and like it better in the middle
    Rossetti -- I've suggested this one before ^_^ I love the subtle connection between the name Aphrodite and the painting by Rossetti. I think it's a fresh version of a Rose name and lends itself to Rosie. It sounds great with Dita
    Soraya –- I have thought about suggesting this one as a middle so often but though "solstice isn't happening when the babies born so no" But I do think it's lovely and has a good sound next to Dita
    Tellervo -- I think it's interesting but the sounds are harsh next to Dita for me -- I prefer Mielikki
    Tempestas/Tempest -- WAY prefer Morgana. These names have the same feel to them to me so I would think if Morgana feels odd, this would would as well (even though I think Morgana's the perfect name :P)

    Second list. I won't comment on these all as I don't like and remember generally most of the reasons you two didn't like them. These are the only ones I think need to be reconsidered. The rest make great middles.:

    Isis -- strong and powerful, amazing goddess connections, really icy and fierce next to the soft warmth of Dita. She's always been one of my favorites
    Ostara -- I just love the way these two sound together. You're having a Feb baby and Feb, bleeding into spring, is so Ostara. Also, Star...
    Ursula -- I suggested this one :P I think she's strong and powerful like Isis but matching more in length to Dita. She's very watery, but cold too. Not quite winter, but not any season really. She's such a fairy name to me. She's in a cool time between seasons.

    Third list:

    Leucthea -- I just find this one sort of awkward and strange next to Dita. There are better Thea names (Dexithea(mother of Euxanthios by Minos), Pasithea (goddess of rest and relaxation), Polymatheia (muse of knowledge))
    Morrigan -- I like this one with Dita an din general. She's very strong and awesome, but dark. Will her darkness bother you like Morgana is right now?
    Nedusia -- It's lovely, but sort of bland for some reason. Also, makes me think of Medusa.
    Orseis -- Meh. This does absolutely nothing for me. No imagery, and I don't like the sounds let alone with Dita. Sorry
    Venelia -- I really like the connections here. You see Dita as very oceany, and this is an oceany nymph. I love the sounds with Dita and Via/Venny is adorable
    Zinelor -- Weird and harsh to me. I'd prefer Aradia
    Zohreh -- I think the connection is nice, but I don't like the sounds with Dita. If we're using a Z name, I really prefer Zenobia.

    So there's my thoughts on everything :P Also, adorable children. I'll be back with suggestions when Persephone calms down. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Names I like from your lists: Aurora, Bellatrix (although not sure about the HP connection), Clemency, Cosima. Nyx, Ondine, Alcyone, Atalanta, Briseis, Callisto, Cassandra, Isis, Melusine. Ostara, Pandora, Rhiannon, Ursula, Vespertine, Morrigan, Venelia, Esmeralda, Sylvestra, Morgana, Ceridwen

    And some new suggestions:

    Caspienne - Similar to Hespera and Vespertine, starts with "Cas" like Cassandra and Cassieardolla...but would probably rule out Casimir, unfortunately.
    Cassiopeia - Again, similar to the Cas- names you like
    Melisande - Similar to Melusine
    Amabel - A less common -bel name like Jezebel
    Mehetabel - Ditto.
    Thessalonike - Came across her recently and thought she seemed like something you would like since she's a mermaid name
    Esperanza - Feels almost like a combination of Esmeralda and Jezabel to me...

    And that's all I can think of at the moment! Hope there are a couple you like on there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mega_muffin View Post
    Caspienne - Similar to Hespera and Vespertine, starts with "Cas" like Cassandra and Cassieardolla...but would probably rule out Casimir, unfortunately.
    I so, so badly want this to be a real name so I can like it too. Is it just French for Caspian though? :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I so, so badly want this to be a real name so I can like it too. Is it just French for Caspian though? :/
    Don't know if anyone replied to this yet, but Caspienne is simply the French word for the Caspian Sea... mer Caspienne. So, just like we use Caspian, why not Caspienne, only for girls? Kind of like Oceana or River. (please vote!)

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