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    niamhethna Guest
    Kind of liking Eowyn and Aurora together?
    Eowyn Aurora Pomposa
    Eowyn Aurora Nephele
    Eowyn Aurora Halcyone

    They sounds very airy together, airy and mystical and light.

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    Like Ash the Dreamer, my tastes are quite tame, but I love your adventurous style. Your list has really changed! I really like:


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    I just want to say that I love the name Clemency. I realise many on this thread, think she would be better in the middle, but I think she would stand proudly as a first. To me, Clemency, is all compassion and silvery light, with undercurrents of strength, determination and a delicate hint of mischief. I see a little girl named Clemency as having a smile that makes your heart melt a little each time you see her.
    All the very best in your ever-evolving naming journey.
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    Names we love that we haven't considered as firsts before but might deserve a bump:
    Aurora - I love Aurora she might be the only lady I have the perfect two name combo for. (If you want to know it PM me - the mn is too indicative to my family for it not to be to google-able). I love her. But I still worry about your Greek A-girls.
    Bellatrix - Gorgeous, strong and feisty. She can definitely hold her own with older sister Dita. I love her especially because she's familiar but under used and most people would use Beatrix or Beatrice instead. (Does the similarity to Beatrice bother you?)
    Clemency - I like it as a middle but I think she lacks some oomph for a first name.
    Cosima - I like her sparkly exterior but for me she lacks some of the depth your other choices have.
    Éowyn, Heleyne, Ondine & Tempestas/Tempest - are all beautiful choices.
    Libertas - This is a fun choice. Fit's with the flair or Dita I think.
    Nyneve - I don't know if I'm not pronoucing this correctly but I find Nyneve a bit of a tounge twister.
    Nyx - Feels a bit short and clippy. I think Nyx is an awesome mn choice that can really help round out two longer names but as a first she feels lacking when the older sister has such a great long fn.
    Rossetti, Soraya & Tellervo – I think you've got better.

    Names we have considered before but somehow didn't make it:
    Alcyone (I don't love Halcyone), Atalanta - Both are great, and so you. But worry about the A's.
    Briseis, Melusine, Pandora, Rhiannon - nms.
    Callisto - See Bellatrix.
    Cassandra - I am always so torn about Cassandra. I love the sound but I really dislike the whole "she can see the future but only see's the bad things and nobody ever believes her" thing -> I don't know if I could do that to a daughter.
    Hippolyta/Ippolita - I adore Hippolyta!
    Hypatia - I prefer Hippolyta.
    Isis - Isis real grew on me. I think she's a beautiful counterpart to Dita and surprisingly the shortness of this name doesn't bother me as much as I would have expected. However, two major very recognizable and iconic deities might be trendy if you have DD3.
    Ostara - I like Ostara. She's definitely mysterious and underused.
    Polyhymnia - I love her as a mn but I keep reading hymn and well would find that unfortunate for a girl.
    Ursula - I love Ursula. She'd definitely an ugly-pretty name. I think it's sadly one of those names that really have to grow on you. Most people won't get it or love it. I don't know if that's necessarily a blessing for a little girl - either way it's something to consider.
    Vespertine - Great name. I can't believe she was never really considered before. She would definitely be a great addition to your list.

    Names we haven't (seriously) considered before:
    Leucothea, Nedusia, Orseis, & Benelia - nms.
    Morrigan - Oh MY GODDESS what a great idea. Morrigan has a lot of the same attributes I love about Morgana but has the added Goddess touch. Nice!
    Zinelor - This is an awesome consideration. My biggest concern is the A-Z thing but great name.
    Zohreh - "Persian name for the planet Venus" says it all. Would a third daughter also have a Venus connection? It's just too much.

    Names I like but I wouldn't name a child (I think, but who knows):
    Jezebel, Medusa and Pandora - seriously all the reasons you wouldn't choose Jezzie or Meda are the reasons I don't like Panda.
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    First off, I definitely think you should move forward with combos for Morgana, Tinuviel, and Sylvestra (now that the Ceridwen combo is pretty set, yes?). Adding more names to the list is good, but I don't think you should take any off now, unless there's another case like Hespera where something makes the name genuinely unusable. Then when baby comes you can sit there with your gorgeous list of 5-10 utterly bejeweled and fairy-breathed combos trying them out on the little one till you find one that truly fits her!

    I may not comment on every single name, but I will do my best to be helpful

    Aurora - Absolutely beautiful. However, I'm not sure she's a strong enough A or a long enough love to stand up to her big sister's name. I also prefer Aurore from your middle list a while back, particularly with Morgana! Something about the contrast of the dark and the light as well as the echoing "or" sounds just makes it seem so primal and windswept and passionately untamed. Morgana Circe Aurore, anyone?
    Bellatrix - Ooh tempting. You do have a think for the bad girls! Bellatrix is beautiful and badass, but so so wicked...I wonder if she's too much the villain to Dita's hero?
    Cosima - One celestial girl, coming right up! I think she's perfect for your list, with two caveats: Ceridwen and Casimir. Would Cosima be too similar, especially to Cas? I freaking adore Cosima (and how swoonworthy is nn Cozy???) and would be thrilled to see her on your lists, but I have to think of my Otter's feelings Do you love her more than your other C names?
    Éowyn - YES! A resounding whole-hearted YES. She's exactly what you want in your little lady, the perfect example of feminine strength. The name should feel too insubstantial next to Dita, but the power of the namesake totally stands her grown. Plus another FABULOUS way to Winnie if Mister changes his mind on Ceridwen!
    Heleyne - I love her, but I think her particular brand of beauty is a bit too delicate and tragic to be a strong first name for Dita's sister. I love Heleyne as a middle, maybe even with Eowyn??
    Nyneve - I like her much more than Niniane, almost as much as Nimue. Something so slinky silvery and twilit about her. Like Heleyne, I think she's best as a middle.
    Nyx - Unlike Isis, Nyx is not strong enough to make it as a first. I think she'd be the perfect candidate for the first middle between a name that ends in A and a name that starts in one...Sylvestra especially comes to mind! Sylvestra Nyx Alcyone or Sylvestra Nyx Atalanta. Swoon!
    Ondine - Another middle only...I love her with Tinuviel and she'd be the perfect accent for your yet-to-be-determined underwater girl
    Rossetti - Yet another middle only vote. I think the name is intriguing and unique, but too unisex next to Dita's over-the-top femininity
    Soraya – Again a resounding YES. My only sad face is that she'd compete with Sylvestra if they were both first name options, and that would make me sad. If you don't choose her for your celestial girl, pleeeeease keep her around as a middle option for Nuvi. Tinuviel Soraya...can you imagine? So breathtakingly starry!

    Alcyone - She could easily be the underwater girl...! If only the A thing weren't an issue.
    Atalanta - See previous bemoaning of the A's. I personally love the idea of Atalanta with Sylvestra, but we'd need a really good non-vowel name for the middle.
    Briseis - I like her when I remember my little story about the arctic dragonslayer girl....but just glancing over the name, it doesn't thrill me like the others.
    Callisto - She does keep showing up, but again, your other C names thrill me so much more!
    Hypatia - I love the historical figure, just not the name!
    Isis - I think we only nixed her because of Isolde, yes? But since Isolde is our Ceridwen middle now, maybe Isis deserves another look.
    Melusine - the ULTIMATE underwater girl. Would it bother you to have a Morgana and a Melusine?
    Ostara - Beautiful name with beautiful history, and I love the O...but kinda weird for an Imbolc baby, don't we think?
    Pandora - oh, my long lost love! If Pandora came back, I'd literally be turning cartwheels!
    Rhiannon - Familiar but unusual at the same time. Perhaps not unusual enough for a first, but she'd be a great Marian equivalent.
    Vespertine - Could easily assume the place of Hespera if need be.

    Morrigan - Do we like Morrigan better than Morgana? I find her more death-y and she loses the Arthurian sorceress angle
    Orseis - I want to love this but she's gone the way of Briseis for me. Interesting but not the one.
    Zohreh - Fun in theory...However, when you think about it, Dita and Venus are the same, so if Zohreh and Venus are also the same, isn't that weird?

    And my inevitable veto points:
    Clemency - never been a fave, and you have far better C names.
    Libertas - I find this one rather yucky, to be honest.
    Tellervo - Television? Tivo? Eek.
    Tempestas/Tempest - You've got Morgana for the stormy thing, and I think Tempest is a bit too literal next to Dita's name.
    Cassandra - Things may be different across the pond, but here Cassandra is one of the bitchiest of the mean girl names. And I like Ceridwen, Casimir, and Cosima SO much better.
    Hippolyta/Ippolita - Hippo??? Baby girl, I think pregnancy is eating your brain.
    Polyhymnia - Never been on board with this one...I just see "many hymns" at best and "many hymens" otherwise!
    Ursula - now matter how hard I try for you, all I get is the giant purple octopus sea witch with the horrendous makeup. Ew!
    Leucthea - I have no idea what this even is...but I don't find it attractive
    Nedusia - I'm a sucker for N names, but not a fan of this one. I feel like it's a weird Medusa wannabe.
    Venelia - Don't kill me...but I just hear venereal
    Zinelor - I liked Zennor much better. Why not just Aradia? As a middle though, we have enough A names that want to become firsts, haha.

    Glad Cassieardolla, Jezebel, and Medusa are on your no-no list. They all freak me out.

    My favorites from this round are Eowyn, Soraya, Alcyone, Atalanta, and Cosima! I'm also campaigning for Titania and Pandora to come back
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