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    lol Mrs. Clare wins for most flattery in a post. :P

    Alright, anyway. Thanks for answering. If the double A won't bother you with Aurora, then that's cool. I still don't think it sounds great with Dita, but I love love love it as a middle for most all of the others. If I'm picking an A name from your list as a first with Dita, Atalanta wins.

    If Bellatrix is being used anyway, then I say run with it. It's an amazing name with great myth/star etc connection and awesome nicknames.

    Alright, as long as it's not going to be seen as bad over there. I still don't think many people will get the goddess connection, which I'm sure is fine. It's a special thing with you guys. ^_^

    If it's a choice between Morrigan and Morgana, I'll choose Morgana everytime. Just because it's not right for this baby doesn't mean you won't have one someday. I know you love it. However, if you've decided you love Morrigan more than Morgana, then by all means, go for it. BUT Aphrodite and Morrigan don't sound nearly as good together as Aphrodite and anything else on the list. Morrigan is very harsh and hard next to Aphrodite. I love Morrigan, it was on my own list, but she just feels weird next to Dita.

    And I'm glad you like some of my suggestions. If you would like some more, I'll find you some more. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I understand your frustration at not being able to get a name down, the constant search for the perfect name is never ending!
    From your lists, i like:
    First list:
    Aurora - I always thought this name was beautiful, so starry and sparkley, and i agree with a previous comment that it goes very well with Tinuviel.
    Cosima - Also super starry! very pretty
    Eowyn - PERFECTION! I love this name, as a huge LOTR fan myself, I cannot help but want this up there on a final list!
    Nyneve - Unsure on the pronunciation, but it sounds lovely as Nin-NEV-EE ? it looks good too!
    Ondine - pretty but i think it sounds like an ending to a name?
    Tellervo - Not heard of before, but an instant like, sounds preppy in a way

    from your second list:
    Alcyone - so lovey! I can see this in your kids name somewhere, even if its a future child
    Callisto - Nice, very pretty, it sounds like midnight to me
    Isis - So strong, hard to find a short name that has so much strength. Issy for a nickname?
    Ostara - cant not be starry if it has 'Star' in it! Lovely!

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    My favorites from your list are:
    Rossetti (I love how it also has ties to the poet as well as the artist)

    and I would suggest....

    Findabhair/Finnabhair- prn fin-a-veer, an old Irish name meaning 'fair-browed'
    Aella- greek mythology means whirl wind
    Ananta- indian mythology, means endless, infinite
    Antiope- greek mythology, means voice
    Aoide- greek, means to sing
    Asherah- eastern mythology, means 'she who walks in the sea'
    Bellona- roman mythology, means 'to fight'
    Concordia- Roman mythology, means harmony
    Inanna- eastern mythology 'lady of the sky'
    Iphigeneia- greek, 'strong, stout'
    Marama- polynesian mythology, 'moon'
    Melpomene- greek mythology, 'choir'
    Ourania- greek mythology 'heavenly'
    Pomona- roman mythology 'fruit tree'
    Sunita- indian mythology, 'well conducted, polite'
    Verdandi- norse mythology 'becoming, happening'
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    So you still need an underwater girl, seafaring girl, celestial girl and mountain girl? I'm going to pick my choice (or choices) for each category then.
    Underwater girl- Melusine and Nyneve. Both definantly feel like underwater girls to me, but with different colors. Melusine is a blue-green, Nyneve is more of a silvery blue-grey. Melusine feels like the sea during the day, Nyneve, a lake or pond at night.
    Seafaring girl- I'm having a hard time with this one. Maybe Ondine? or Soraya? Vespertine perhaps? She might be more mountain though. . .
    Celestial girl- Cosima hands down!
    Mountain girl- Eowyn! and maybe Isis. Eowyn makes me think of greens and greys, an impressive mountain in the distance, the beauty of it as a whole. Isis makes me think of a mountain stream, so just a small slice of the mountain. Her colors are a bit lighter than Eowyns, clear blues, greens and blue greys. Vespertine also has a slight Mountain vibe to her but I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm having a hard time with Vespertine because I see and hear serpent in her for some reason.
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    First of all, Leucthea was meant to be Leucothea, not sure how that happened. :/

    Sorceress; thanks for your opinions.

    Pernille; I agree with you about Bellatrix. I admire her too, even though she's not very nice, she's very interesting and fascinating. Oh, Clytemnestra! Such a wonderful although slightly over the top name. It's so pretty though. Arachne, I could never use this. I don't like spiders. Which I know is silly, they're great cleaners and make very pretty webs, but I can't handle them. Lovely categories, especially the sea one.

    Cy; thanks for all your comments! Yes, we're fellow HP fans, yay! Glad you agree on Eowyn (but who wouldn't? ), and I in general agree with you on -dora names, Pandora is the exception for me. From your suggestions I like Cybele, Cassiopeia, Themis and Eupraxia! Hermione too, but Husband is a bit meh to it (or was last time!). And, yay for Jezebel!!

    Tiff; yay, glad to see some serious Soraya love! I think it's so beautiful. Nyneve and the holy grail, haha, yeah I see that one. Love that movie! And I'm glad you like Rossetti too. Purple, yes, she's kind of purple I guess. A plum picking pre-raphaelite painting. And everytime I see Fantasia I do think of you. What a surname! I doubt it will go on the list, but it's so sweet I can't resist. Someone will shut it down though. Thank you for all your comments, so helpful!

    Elja; well, how do you think I fell in love with Cosima, my sweet? Randomly picked it out of the air or falling in love with it while reading your signature? Thank you for agreeing with me on Bellatrix and writing it so well. She is fascinating, and Jo should write a book about her! I would buy that one!! I'm so happy when reading your comments! Hypatia was an amazing woman and an excellent namesake, Soraya does feel a bit like Zenobia - but with the star association also. Very excited about all the ones you picked out, I knew you'd like Eowyn. Even though it is one of the more "popular" ones, it's still not used tons (12 babies last year I think?). And she's so amazing... I've been keeping Eostre in my head all day, and there's something nice and icy about this. Ostara is warmer, Eostre feels colder and more ice-princess like. Jezebel, yes, while I think the woman in the bible was amazing, I'm not going to get to explain that to every person we meet. And I've seen the movie! Once, when I was thirteen or something. I remember liking it though. Thanks so much, sweetie!

    Mrs Clare; aaaw, thank you! You make me blush over here. Thanks for commenting, Andie is a cute nn for Pandora! Eowyn could be Winnie which is adorable, one of the best nns ever!! Ondine Tellervo Alcyone is utterly gorgeous, I'm tucking this one away.

    Angel; I don't think Aurora sounds too good with Dita either, I just threw it out there as I love it so. I will probably eliminate a-names anyway, I need to narrow the list down somehow. Bellatrix does have s many cute nns, doesn't it? Bell, Bella, Ella, Trix, Trixie, Lala, Lattie, Latte, Little Coffee Bug... . I need to mull over Morgana and Morrigan. It's a tricky one, but my love for Morrigan may be fleeting. We'll see! Morgana is prettier maybe, Morrigan's a bit more spooky. I'm actually really liking Eostre right now, she might beat out Ostara! Took me a day, but there it goes. If you've got more suggestions, I'm not going to say no...

    Niamh; thanks for the comments! I knew you'd be a fan of Eowyn as well. Nyneve is pronounced either ny-nee-vee or nyn-eev. From your suggestions I like Silmariën (on my middle list), Ludmila and Semiramis (but Husband thinks this is ridiculous!). Thanks so much, sweets!!

    Alexa; Lovely choices! From your suggestions I like these very much; Ourania (love this one, but lots of people say teasing potential?), Aella (know someone with a baby named this), Asherah, Iphigenia, Inanna, Melpomene and Pomona. And Verdande. Maybe I should revisit this one?

    Averella; haha, it was just my thoughts. I don't need them, they're just things I'm attracted to. Melusine and Nyneve are both on my underwater list, together with Ondine, Pandora and Zinelor. Seafaring; Soraya fits! My other ones are Isis and Polyhymnia! The celestial one, definitely Cosima. And Bellatrix. Mountain girl; Eowyn fits, she's all horses and hills and well, Rohan. Vikings. Vespertine is a frozen rose garden. Thanks for doing that!!

    Will post some kind of update later!! More comments and suggestions are welcome!
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